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A dispute encountered in the proofing process is about the proofing cost.

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Hello, we are also a label manufacturer, and we also make labels
let me analyze it for you:
first of all, how did you talk
1。 Generally speaking, there must be proofing fee, but it’s just a problem of charging more and less
because it involves the production of film for online edition, it must cost
2。 But generally speaking: if you confirm the color draft, you must admit the printed sample (unless the product material or color is much different from the color draft). These should be explained in the contract. If not, it will test the integrity of the manufacturer
3。 The amount of proofing fee depends on the manufacturer. Generally speaking, only a cost price will be charged. For example, if you charge 1000 yuan for proofing, it must be expensive. You can ask for a small refund
4。 The key point is whether you have seen the renderings yourself? Or is it all up to the manufacturer? Is the contract clearly written? If you default to the manufacturer, you can’t blame each other. Everyone’s aesthetics are also different. This is also a consideration of the manufacturer’s reputation and quality. In any case, if there is no written writing, it will be unclear
what else can we find if we don’t understand! We specialize in the production of signs
Jinhua Jiayang electronics, recognize this company!

it’s mainly about the design draft and the final process effect. You can ask the other party to proofing again according to the effect drawing submitted by your boss, indicating the details of the process used and the essential elements. If the other party’s craft is really not good, it can’t, personal opinion! The design drawings in Shenzhen are completely consistent with the printing effect, which can be considered, but it still depends on the credibility of the partners. If you need packaging design in the future, you can find me. Our company specializes in original packaging design and production!

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