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Basic introduction of electronic quantitative packaging scale

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structure: the weighing unit includes storage bin, gate, material cutting device, scale body, bag clamping device, support, electrical control device, etc. The storage bin is a buffer bin, which is used for material storage and provides a nearly uniform material flow; The gate is located at the bottom of the storage bin and is used to seal the materials in the storage bin in case of equipment maintenance or failure; The material cutting device is composed of a material cutting hopper, a material cutting door, a pneumatic element, an air supply valve, etc., which provides fast and slow feeding in the weighing process; The function of air make-up valve is to balance the air pressure difference in the system during weighing; The scale body is mainly composed of weighing bucket, load-bearing support and weighing sensor to complete the transformation from weight to electrical signal and transmit it to the control unit; The bag clamping device is mainly composed of the bag clamping device and the bag clamping device; The electrical control device is composed of weighing display controller, electrical components and control cabinet. It is used to control the system and make the whole system work orderly according to the preset procedure

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