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Can flour, raw meat, rice, eggs and the like be preserved in vacuum for a long time? Or an ordinary seal?

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fresh meat and eggs are better. If there is any surplus, it can be put in the fresh-keeping place of the ice box. Wrap the flour and rice in airtight plastic bags and fasten your mouth. It is simple and feasible to tie the mouth tightly every time.

flour is OK, but fresh meat and eggs are not. The latter has high requirements for temperature. Vacuum is only the air pumped into it. What is relatively well preserved is useful, but it is certainly not good for food that requires temperature and time. Fresh meat can be cut into small pieces, wrapped in fresh-keeping bags and put into the freezer. Don’t buy large quantities and eat them as soon as possible. Eggs that you don’t eat must not touch water, that is, don’t wash them. Put them in the refrigerated drawer and eat them as soon as possible. If they are not for special use, don’t buy too many at one time. These are not easy to store. You can buy as much as you eat. The average quantity you can buy for about a week is the best! You know, fresh food is the best!

tea is made with oil salt sauce, and you can buy it as you eat. If there is surplus, it is recommended to store it in a low-temperature refrigerator
for plant products, the storage time in ordinary packaging is slightly longer than that in bulk, but the premise is that the moisture is low. Ordinary packets still can’t stop insects. Vacuum packaging can block insects for a longer time (anaerobic), but the investment cost and use value should be considered
no matter what kind of packaging, the storage time of animal products, such as fresh eggs, has the greatest relationship with the temperature. Therefore, all animal foods should be preserved at low temperature If you have money to invest in vacuum packaging machine, it seems better to pack it and save it, but the effect is uncertain.

vacuum can only last a few days longer than ordinary ones. It won’t be long. When the sun is full, you can sun the rice noodles

microorganisms are anaerobic and anaerobic. Even vacuum can’t completely solve it. It’s just a little better. The key to the problem is preservation, sanitation and short-term storage

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