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Can plastic vacuum bags be boiled with water

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No, the disposable plastic bags used by people are processed with polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride as raw materials. Some of them also contain plasticizers, phthalates and other environmental hormones, which will react chemically in case of high temperature, resulting in substances harmful to human body

phthalates have serious effects on human reproductive health and immune function. Long term consumption of this kind of hot food packed in plastic bags will bring great harm to human health

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plastic products can be recycled and regenerated. An important part of this process is the processing of colorants. Colorants that do not meet the quality standards will cause the content of carcinogens benzopyrene and heavy metals in plastic bags to exceed the standard. If these plastic bags are directly used to pack food, there will be potential health risks

in this regard, experts suggest that citizens should bring their own environmentally friendly shopping bags when buying vegetables to reduce environmental pollution and food pollution at the same time; If plastic bags must be used, white or colorless and transparent ones should be selected as far as possible, and dark and black plastic bags should be avoided as far as possible

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it can be boiled in water. Generally, high-temperature sterilization will be carried out after food packaging. The so-called high-temperature sterilization is actually to cook in a high-temperature cooking pot for a while, but if you want to eat, it is not recommended to cook directly with the bag.

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