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Can the goods without Chinese instructions on the outer package be sold in China

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Can the goods without Chinese instructions on the outer package be sold in China

the following is about the regulations of Guangdong Province on investigating and dealing with illegal acts of producing and selling fake and shoddy commodities (you can try to change Guangdong to your province for inquiry)
/govinfo /auto29 /200809 /t20080904_ 791

if you sell it, you will violate item 3 (3) of Article 8, which does not indicate the commodity name, factory name and address in Chinese
those who produce and sell the commodities listed in Article 8 of these Regulations shall be ordered to make corrections within a time limit and fined not less than 500 yuan but not more than 10000 yuan. If the circumstances are serious or refuse to make corrections, the fake and shoddy commodities and sales income shall be confiscated and a fine of not less than 10000 yuan but not more than 30000 yuan shall be imposed

therefore, it’s better to be careful not to be found ~

I hope to help the landlord~

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 No. The pre packaging of imported food must be pasted with Chinese labels and instructions in Chinese. The contents marked must be true and accurate and comply with the provisions of China's laws and regulations. It cannot be imported without relevant labels or unqualified labels. Among them, the Chinese label must indicate the production date, shelf life, origin of food, name, address and contact information of domestic agents, etc. At the same time, imported food, food additives and related products should also have relevant health certificates 


 the cosmetics I bought and the air fryer I sent. The air fryer doesn't have any Chinese instructions and logo. Can such products be sold 

 not imported products, but domestic 


 did you send it? 

 that's all English 

Ask questions



 that's not a Chinese brand 

Ask questions

 they say they are exported to Germany 


 domestic should be Chinese 

 do you have any doubts 

Ask questions

 there is no Chinese instruction 


 will not be used 


 let me just ask, can fryers, even gifts, circulate in China without Chinese instructions


 this is not allowed in China, even if it is a gift 

 Article 27 the mark on the product or its package must be true and meet the following requirements: 

 (I) product quality inspection certificate

 (II) product name, manufacturer name and address marked in Chinese

 (III) if it is necessary to indicate the product specification, grade, name and content of main components according to the characteristics and use requirements of the product, it shall be indicated in Chinese accordingly; If it is necessary to let consumers know in advance, it shall be marked on the outer package or relevant materials shall be provided to consumers in advance

 (IV) the production date, safe use period or expiration date shall be clearly marked in a prominent position
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