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Customs code of metal packer

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Product Name: metal packer customs HS Code: 84224000. The commodity code of the packer is 8422.4000 – other packaging or packaging machines (including heat shrinkable packaging machines). There are no regulatory conditions, that is, there is no need for legal inspection for import and export. When filling in the customs declaration form, you fill in the commodity number 8422.4000, fill in the name of the metal packer, and fill in the model and purpose below. In this way, there will be no problem in customs declaration

commodity code commodity name

old packer (trk-414)

automatic packer

packer (2000c)

steel coil packer (SPA no model)


packaging frame plate, used for packer, No brand (518-01-50110-03)

packer head for packer (a1161al brand: Donghai)

brake arm for automatic packer (ng-1)

guide plate /parts for packer (3-6753853)

stripping sheet for packer (757K ttc-p50 brand: Donghai)

guide block /parts for packer (80001125-01)

frame /parts for packer

cam plate (parts for packer) (campieces)

pulley (spare parts for packer) (57863)

rocker arm for manual packer (ng-2)

collection packer

forage packer

control cabinet /greater than 1000V, for packer (x-7691-1110, etc.)

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