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Difference between quick sealing packaging and vacuum packaging

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at present, the sealing machines of vacuum packaging machines in the world are divided into two types: internal and external. Internal pumping vacuum packaging machine, also known as cavity vacuum packaging machine, is mostly used in food industry. The sealing machine of external pumping vacuum machine has several functions such as vacuum pumping, inflation and sealing, so it is also called multi-functional vacuum packaging machine
1. Internal vacuum pumping packaging machine: the sealing machine of vacuum packaging machine is of cavity structure, which consists of upper and lower chambers to form a vacuum working chamber that can be sealed. The mouth of food packaging bag is placed between the upper and lower sealing devices, and the vacuum chamber is vacuumized first; The packaging bag is vacuum at the same time, and then sealed under vacuum to ensure high vacuum in the packaging bag. Common models include single room, double room, etc. Vacuum packaging machine sealing machine is used for vacuum packaging of meat, sauce products, condiments, preserved fruits, bean products, chemicals, medicinal particles, powders, liquids and other commodities in the food industry. It has high vacuum degree, fast speed and stable operation
2. Multifunctional vacuum sealing machine: the modified atmosphere packaging machine has the functions of ordinary sealing packaging, vacuum packaging and vacuum inflatable packaging. It is an external pumping (also known as direct pumping, tube pumping, etc.) packaging machine. There is no vacuum working room. The packaging bag is sleeved on the inflation nozzle and placed between the upper and lower sealing devices and the upper and lower heat sealing devices. The packaging bag is sealed by the sealing device first, and then directly inflated in vacuum or vacuum, Then the inflation nozzle retreats, and finally the heat sealing device works to seal. Vacuum sealing machine is mainly suitable for moisture-proof, antistatic and oxidation proof packaging of precision electronics, IC and precision metal processing parts. The inflation amount of this model is arbitrarily adjustable, and it is not limited by the packaging volume within the sealing length, and the packaging effect is direct and considerable.

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