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Do imported products have to have Chinese labels

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Yes, it must be. According to Article 11 of the measures for the administration of import and export food labels, the contents of the examination of import and export food labels include: whether the format and layout of the labels and the contents related to quality are true and accurate. Imported food labels must be official Chinese labels

according to Article 9 of the regulations on the inspection and supervision of the labels of imported and exported prepackaged food, if the imported prepackaged food is found to be under one of the following circumstances, the label shall be judged as unqualified:

(I) the imported prepackaged food has no Chinese label

(2) the format and layout inspection results of imported prepackaged food do not meet the requirements of China’s laws, administrative regulations, rules and food safety standards

(III) the conformity test results are inconsistent with the contents marked on the label

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 the sales of imported products in the domestic market must have Chinese marks. At the same time, according to the regulations, there should be the following nine kinds of marks on products or product packages: 

 I. products shall have inspection certificates

 II. Product name, factory name and address marked in Chinese. When imported products are sold in the domestic market, they must also have Chinese marks

 III. according to the characteristics and use requirements of the product, the product specification and grade shall be indicated, and the name and content of the main components shall also be indicated

 IV. The production date or expiration date shall be indicated for the products to be used within a time limit. Generally, the production date, shelf life and storage period shall be indicated for packaged food

 v. warning signs or warning instructions in Chinese shall be provided for products that are easy to cause damage to the product itself or may endanger personal and property safety

 VI. the trademark that has been approved and registered by the industrial and commercial department shall be marked with "R" or "note"

VII. The products that can be granted by the Patent Department of

 VIII. The manufacturer shall indicate the code, number and name of the implemented standard on the product or its description and packaging. China's current standards are divided into four levels, "namely national standards (GB), industrial standards (HB), local standards (DB) and enterprise standards (QB)."

 IX. products that have obtained relevant national quality certification can use corresponding safety or conformity certification marks on products or packages

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