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Do you know how many flavors are there in the new package of Shanxi boiled cakes?

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Xi’an “de MaoGong” Crystal Cake

in the ancient city of Xi’an, there is a famous and special traditional flavor food loved by the masses, which is the well-known “de MaoGong Crystal Cake” at home and abroad

crystal cake is a kind of pastry. It gets its name because its filling is crystal like. It is the representative of Qin style dim sum, known as “the first point of Qin”

according to legend, the Crystal Cake originated in Xiaying County in the Song Dynasty (now Xiaying Town, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province). At that time, it had a high reputation in Guanzhong area and was as famous as bird’s nest, tremella and Jinhua ham. The Yuan Dynasty has been exported to major cities in Beijing and Tianjin. By the end of the Qing Dynasty, after the improvement and refinement of Zhang Caifeng, a technician in Weinan, the product was famous for “golden face and silver help, peeling and crisp, cool tongue and teeth, and refreshing fragrance”. At that time, it was carefully packed in Tung wood boxes and cardboard boxes as a top-grade gift for relatives and friends. Later, it was spread to Xi’an, and all pastry workshops imitated it, but Xi’an demaogong was the most famous

demaogong food store is located at the intersection of Guangji street, West Street, Xi’an. It was founded in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The shop is a front shop and back factory, with a history of producing crystal cakes for more than 100 years. The crystal cake in this shop has excellent materials, exquisite workmanship, unique and unique flavor. It was made by famous teachers and passed down from generation to generation. The production technology has been continuously improved

demaogong crystal cake is made of top-grade refined white flour, top-grade rock sugar and refined board oil, with more than ten kinds of materials such as animal oil, rose, orange cake, walnut kernel and green red silk as auxiliary materials. It is carefully made by hand through 12 processes such as leather making, pastry making, stuffing making, molding and baking. The finished product is small and unique, with crispy skin and sufficient filling, moisturizing and palatable, clear layers, rich nutrition, no greasy oil, sweet entrance, and endless aftertaste with the fragrance of rich roses and orange cakes. Because of its golden complexion and snow-white surroundings, it is known as the praise of “golden background, silver band, drum cavity and red seal in the center”. In addition, the packaging is exquisite, the design is beautiful and generous, and has distinctive local color and national characteristics. Therefore, every festive Festival, the masses rush to buy, and become the first-class gifts for local people and foreign tourists to honor the elderly and give relatives and friends

Xian demaogong Crystal Cake: as early as the Qing Dynasty, it was designated as a “tribute” by Empress Dowager Cixi and was famous in the three Qin Dynasties; It is well-known in the northwest and is famous all over the country as a famous and special food in Shaanxi. Over the years, it has been rated as provincial and municipal high-quality products. The new products of “Gaza”, “Masha”, “Hawthorn” and “Rose” four-color crystal cakes developed and produced by the store in recent years were very popular at the first Food Expo in Beijing in 1988, and were successively rated as high-quality products of provincial and municipal commercial systems. The newly developed iron box Pearl crystal cake was rated as the gold medal at the Hainan Expo of the international coconut festival in 1992. The annual sales volume soared from 0.5 million kg in the 1970s to more than 600000 kg in the 1990s. Many returned overseas Chinese came to Xi’an for tourism and took the crystal cake of demaogong as a treasure and brought it abroad as a first-class gift to relatives and friends. This makes this special flavor food popular in Kyushu and famous all over the world.

Wenxi boiled cake is one of the eight traditional famous spots in Shanxi. It is produced in Wenxi, Shanxi. It has a long history and exquisite workmanship. It has been offered to the imperial palace as a tribute in previous dynasties, which can be called the top production of Chinese cakes

Wenxi boiled cake is not in the shape of a cake, but in a round shape, wrapped with a layer of peeled sesame seeds. When the sesame ball is broken off, it shows the chestnut cortex deep outside and light inside, the stuffing with clear crimson and white colors, and the sweet silk that can pull a few inches long. Then put the broken sesame together and immediately return to ball shape. If the pressure is increased outside the sesame ball, it will turn into a cake, but after the pressure is removed, the elastic boiled cake will gradually recover

this kind of boiled cake has beautiful flavor and rich nutrition. The more you chew it, the more fragrant it tastes. It has a strange sweet smell and makes you taste infinite. Even if it is stored for more than 100 days, it will never go moldy and deteriorate. Except that it is not too crisp due to the condensation of oil and honey, it is still fresh and elegant in color and fragrant in smell. Its production method combines traditional technology and modern pastry processing technology, and selects high-quality flour, honey, sesame, sesame oil, sugar and other high-quality raw materials. Rich in protein, vegetable fat, sugars and mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus and iron, it is a high-grade nutritional food with the function of nourishing and fitness.

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