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Geographical environment of Dongguang County

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agriculture in Dongguang County has developed steadily, and the industry has formed four characteristic industries: chemical industry, packaging machinery, plastics and cotton processing
in 2010, Dongguang County had a GDP of 8.3 billion yuan, a fixed asset investment of 8 billion yuan and a fiscal revenue of 550 million yuan. In 2010, the disposable income of urban residents reached 16036 yuan. In 2010, the per capita net income of farmers reached 5232 yuan
in 2009, Dongguang County had a GDP of 7.2 billion yuan, a fixed asset investment of 5.86 billion yuan, a fiscal revenue of 430 million yuan, a disposable income of 14305 yuan for urban residents and a per capita net income of 4712 yuan for farmers. In 2009, the grain harvest area of Dongguang County was 612200 mu, with a unit yield of 839.6 kg and a total yield of 514 million kg, Including: 301200 mu of summer grain harvest (increase by 2, the yield per mu is 830 kg, the total yield is 250 million kg, the autumn grain area is 310000 mu, the unit yield is 850 kg, and the total yield is 264 million kg.
power facilities
as of 2003, Dongguang County has 1 220kV substation, 1 main transformer, 120000 KVA; 2 110kV substations, 3 main transformers, 94500kva, 3 110kV lines, 43.9 kilometers; 9 35kV substations, 17 main transformers, 50850kva, 9 35kV lines, 131.5 kilometers, 1057 kilometers of 10kV lines and 1328 kilometers of low-voltage lines, 1889 distribution transformers, 138860kva
road traffic
as of 2003, there are four kinds of roads in Dongguang County: National Road, provincial road, county road and township road. Among them, National Road 104 crosses the whole territory, with a total length of 29.665 kilometers; Beijing Shanghai Expressway runs through the county, with a total length of 33.995 kilometers; The provincial highway Wuqian road crosses the county from west to East, with a total length of 35.07 kilometers; County roads include liangeng Road, Nanwu Road, Xiaguo Road, etc., with a total length of 78.567 km; The total length of township road is 537.3 kilometers. The county has formed a highway network with liangeng Road, Xiaguo Road, Longyu Road, Dadi Road, wangzheng Road, Quyu Road, Huji Road, jinliu road and Zhangqin road as the overall framework. Railway. There is a Tianjin Shanghai railway in the county, which enters Dongguang from Botou City, exits Lianzhen in the South and enters Wuqiao county. The total length of the territory is 30 kilometers, and there is a Dongguang railway station from the north. As of 2003, there were 22 hospitals in Dongguang County, including 1 county hospital, 1 Traditional Chinese medicine hospital and 20 township hospitals; In addition, there is one county health and epidemic prevention station and one maternal and child health hospital respectively; 461 beds in total; There are 915 health professionals and technicians. 11 outpatient buildings and medical technology buildings have been built successively, and 15 sets of large-scale medical equipment such as CT, color Doppler ultrasound and lithotriptor have been purchased

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