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How about Hangzhou Anyuan printing and packaging Co., Ltd?

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Introduction: our factory was established in 1972 and is a senior printing manufacturer in Hangzhou. The comprehensive supporting production and customization of plane printing (offset printing), roll printing, screen printing, packaging products and other related products has been very mature. We focus on serving clothing, shoes and hats, home textiles, handicrafts, packaging, gifts and other counterpart enterprises. We are precisely positioned in the professional customized production of printed products and packaging products, mainly paper. According to the characteristics of the printing industry, most printing factories only pay attention to the printing link, and pay little attention to the post-processing and post-processing. They don’t want to do it or can’t do it well, or think it’s not cost-effective. They either don’t take it or send it out for processing. As a result, the quality and qualification rate of finished products are very unstable. On a year-on-year basis, our printing equipment is imported from Heidelberg, which is one of the top printing equipment. We first ensure the printing effect; Importantly, we attach great importance to post-processing and post-processing. We are equipped with a series of perfect automatic or semi-automatic equipment: die-cutting machine, bronzing machine, punching machine, air eye riveting machine, UV machine, laminating machine, polishing machine, folding machine, slotting machine, binding line, laminating line, box pasting line, etc. the conventional post-processing and post-processing can be basically completed automatically; More importantly, we have a group of experienced “old” masters, who can be called skilled craftsmen. Their skillful hands can make some exquisite and fine handicrafts perfect. As far as the printing process is concerned, I believe that most printing plants can do well. If post-processing and post-processing are added, few can do well in the whole process. To be exact, we have done a very good and mature job in large printed matter, such as color cards, handbags and packing boxes. However, compared with our peers, our small products, especially those focusing on the details of post-processing and post-processing, such as tags, signs or handicrafts, can better reflect our professionalism, dedication and perfection& nbsp; After more than 40 years of practice and precipitation, we have reached a good and lasting cooperative alliance with many well-known companies in the clothing, shoes and hats and home textile industries at home and abroad. 60% are directly exported to Europe, America, Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 40% are directly supplied to domestic brands. The company is familiar with export standards (including various environmental protection and inspection standards) and export processes, has accumulated 10 years of export experience, and has the ability to undertake foreign export business independently. We have standard workshops and advanced professional equipment at home and abroad. We adopt electronic, scientific and systematic management methods. We have long passed the ISO management system. We can accept factory inspection in any way and provide any inspection and certification report for finished products. We have product development department, domestic and foreign trade business department, procurement department, pricing department, training department, design department, edition room, documentary department, order arrangement department, production department, process control center, quality inspection center, warehouse management department, freight management department, problem emergency department, finance department, customer maintenance department and other departments. All departments work together to closely link up and strictly follow the standardized process of receiving orders – placing orders – production plan – material preparation – production – Inspection – delivery – Service – maintenance – re placing orders, so as to ensure the quality and delivery time of customers’ orders. We are an old factory, but our team is very young. The backbone is basically the Post-70s, post-80s and post-90s. Their professionalism and service level are worthy of your trust and can be used as your logistics support& nbsp; Our factory is a customized production enterprise that has been tested by the market and highly recognized by the market. I believe your choice is correct. It will bring more value to you and us. Mutual realization and win-win results are the driving force for our continuous progress!! Our enterprise values: the customer is the source and the service is the end; Team is the foundation, the heart of achievement from beginning to end! Our corporate vision: catch up with Top1 and surpass Top1! Our corporate mission: platform, product and communication; Love work, love life, two sides Kaisen! Our business philosophy: do a good job in the whole process, there will be the best results! Our enterprise work style: unity and mutual assistance, there is a way out; No excuses, act now! Seven life concepts of our enterprise: today, I start a new life. I am the best. I will succeed. I face everyone with a smile. I love my career, family and friends. I want to make progress every day. I want to act immediately and never delay. I want to stick to it to the end, Never give up
legal representative: Jiang Xiaoping
date of establishment: March 1, 1972
registered capital: RMB 1.5 million
Industrial and commercial registration number:
enterprise type: limited liability company (invested or controlled by natural person)
Company Address: room 101, building 18, No. 2, Huafeng Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

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