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How about the quotation and quality of Midea comfort star air conditioner

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& nbsp;& nbsp; When it comes to air conditioning, we can hear such an advertisement on TV every day: Midea variable frequency air conditioning, only once a night! Dong Mingzhu, the chairman of Gree air conditioner, ridiculed such an advertising slogan some time ago. It is impossible to have a power once a night. Indeed, it is, because this advertising slogan is beautiful and has been sued by many people and compensated. Of course, there are many people who have been cheated because of this false advertising language, and they can only regret buying it. If the quality of Midea’s air conditioner is poor, it’s also wrong, because Midea’s air conditioner has sold well in the domestic market in recent years. Today, let’s talk about Midea’s comfort star air conditioner

I. characteristics of Midea comfort Star Air Conditioning

Midea comfort star, from the name, it is not difficult for us to understand its main characteristics. Giving people a comfortable air conditioning experience is the exclusive secret of comfort star. How can comfortable stars give people? It is understood that it can give users a new comfortable experience with only cool feeling and no wind feeling. In line with the original design intention of such humanistic care and with its advanced technology, Midea comfort star has gathered many awards since its inception. It has not only obtained the comfort certification of room air conditioner, but also stood out among 185 shortlisted products and won the Chinese home appliance EPLAN award known as “osska in the home appliance industry”. How about Midea air conditioning comfort star, which detonates the air conditioning market strongly

II. Midea comfort Star Air Conditioning Technology Innovation

in order to solve the problem that the elderly and children are easy to catch a cold under the air conditioner in summer, they are afraid of catching a cold when turning on the air conditioner, turn off the air conditioner immediately, cover the quilt and turn on the air conditioner. Midea comfort star directly hits the user’s pain points and innovatively sets 1906 micro pores on the 0.048 square meter wind deflector. Many pores can effectively decompose strong winds, completely solving the problem that the traditional air supply mode is not soft enough. It has achieved great technological innovation in terms of PMV, PPD, temperature deviation, blowing sensation, temperature fluctuation, temperature uniformity, cooling rate, heating rate, relative humidity, noise and so on

in order to make the comfort star provide people with ultimate comfort, Midea air conditioner consumes huge human and financial resources. PMV fast comfort intelligent humidity regulation technology is innovatively applied on the comfort star to make accurate comprehensive judgment through six data: temperature, humidity, wind speed, heat radiation, clothing volume and activity volume, so that the air conditioner can automatically detect the best and most comfortable state of the human body and make self operation adjustment

III. Midea comfort star air conditioning energy conservation and environmental protection

Midea comfort star not only gives people a comfortable air conditioning life experience, but also follows the perfect traditional experience of Midea’s one night electricity as low as one degree. Its eco energy-saving technology, which won the “National Science and Technology Progress Award”, has proved its outstanding advantages. Press the eco key gently, and you can enter the perfect state of one degree of electricity in one night with one key. Energy saving and environmental protection ensure a comfortable life

III. The price of Midea comfort star air conditioner

because it is a new product, the price will still make some consumers reluctant to buy. However, for variable frequency air conditioner, the price is a medium price, and the price is basically about 3700 yuan. This should not be determined according to different retailers

the above content only introduces some practical features of Midea comfort star air conditioner. On the whole, this air conditioner is a good choice for daily household. In terms of the performance, energy conservation and environmental protection of Midea comfort star air conditioner, it basically meets the standard, but we can’t exaggerate the role of some of their propaganda, such as the problem of once electricity. Unless the air conditioner is really in standby mode, it’s really unrealistic. In our daily purchase of air conditioners, we must choose those manufacturers that do better after-sales air conditioners to avoid quality problems in the future, unable to repair and safeguard our rights and interests

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