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How about western oatmeal organic?

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How about western oatmeal organic

Organic Oatmeal is now very popular with people who pursue nutrition, but I still like Beishi’s oatmeal, because I have bought it for many years and drank it with good effect. After all, I still trust it.

it tastes good and has very high nutritional value

how to choose:

1 try not to choose products with strong sweetness. This means that more than 50% of them are powdered sugar

2 try not to choose products with delicate taste and insufficient viscosity, which indicates that the content of oatmeal is not high and the content of components such as dextrin is high

3 try not to choose products with Creamer /creamer, because this ingredient is harmful to health

4 aroma is brought by essence, not pure oatmeal, so the product with strong flavor is not necessarily of good quality. p>

5 try to choose products that can see the unique shape of oatmeal. Even for fast food products, you should also see oatmeal that has been broken

6 if the package is opaque, pay attention to the protein content of the product. If it is below 8%, the proportion of oatmeal is too low to be the only food for breakfast. It must be eaten together with protein rich foods such as milk, eggs and bean products

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