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How can pharmaceutical outsourcing save costs?

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How to save manual, small box, packing belt, adhesive tape, etc
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pharmaceutical packaging is a labor-intensive industry, and many operations need to be completed manually. The rigid packaging is transformed into flexible blister packaging, especially in the case of large-scale operation. The use of molding, filling and sealing packaging machine or other automatic packaging machinery greatly saves the packaging time compared with manual operation. According to the former packaging manager of Johnson & Johnson company, “it is obvious that a lot of cost savings come from the packaging of large quantities of products, mainly the molding, filling and sealing packaging products – soft blister or hard blister. This not only saves materials, but also the mass production of products makes the packaging from manual or semi-automatic to fully automatic. Secondly, the use of extrusion vacuum machine greatly saves labor expenditure.” The change from rigid packaging to flexible packaging can be completed through redesign. For example, the cost of blister paperboard tray is much lower than that of rigid tray. Another effective way to reduce costs is to reduce the consumption of high priced materials and reduce material standards. Now many companies reduce costs by reducing some processes in the processing process, such as peelable coating. Many pharmaceutical packages, especially those disinfected with oxyethane, are sealed with multi-l materials, and the sealing materials are torn off from one side, so it is necessary to ensure the cleanness of this process. The tearing material must be coated on its surface with a special polymer sealant. However, adding a protective coating to this tear able material adds a process to the pharmaceutical packaging. In this way, we prefer to use more breathable film at the bottom, so as to save the cost of non sealing materials.

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