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How can we keep the sprouts green?

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the main reason why yellow bean sprouts turn green is that the bean sprouts undergo photosynthesis and produce too much chlorophyll, so the bean sprouts turn green. Therefore, if you want to keep soybean sprouts green, the way is to isolate the light. Just cover it with a black convenience bag.

if you don’t like the green bean sprouts, you can put them in a place completely away from light when sending them. Don’t make the bean sprouts come into contact with light to avoid photosynthesis. This kind of bean sprouts sent out completely out of light can be eaten.

do not put it in the sun, because photosynthesis will occur and chlorophyll will be produced. It’s best to store in the dark

soybean sprouts will not undergo photosynthesis before they see light, so they will not produce chlorophyll and turn green. So the key is to block the light.

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