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How did the leader write his speech

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How to invite leaders out for Christmas?

speech to invite leaders: first of all, it depends on the nature of the activity. Christmas can also be divided into external activities and internal activities. For example, for external high-quality customers, that is to thank them together. Both words and words must be solemn and polite. It can be easier if they are only for internal personnel of the company

internally: Ladies and gentlemen, dear family members, good evening! On this beautiful night, we ushered in the annual Christmas. Here, let’s solemnly invite our respected leaders to address us all

external: as time goes by, we are grateful for our gathering today. On the occasion of this festive occasion, the company holds a get-together here. Everyone is gathered together to enjoy tea

tonight, we take this opportunity to get together. On behalf of all the company, I would like to extend the most sincere welcome and heartfelt greetings to every guest here

it’s a great honor for us to get together here on this beautiful night. This is a great fate. In such a happy and warm Festival, I hope you can have a good time together

the blooming of a flower requires the pouring of countless sweat, and the achievement of a great cause requires the joint efforts of countless people. The construction and development of the company are inseparable from your joint efforts. It can be said that the blooming and dazzling flower of coal power joint venture is the result of your joint hard work. History will never forget the figure and sweat of you, me and all pioneers

I’d like to thank the leaders who organized this event. Now let’s welcome the leader with warm applause and cheers. Welcome

support speech: the train runs fast all by the locomotive, and success is inseparable from the wise decision of the leaders! Next, please welcome the chairman of * * company * * to give a speech with the warmest applause

(* * speech by the chairman of the company)

host string 2:
: Thank you, chairman. This speech makes us have high morale and confidence! I suggest to thank the chairman again with warm applause!

on the occasion of Christmas and new year, we welcome leader XXX to say a few words to you….

top down

What does Jining’s airport give you? That’s the respected leader. Hello

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