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How many kinds of vacuum packaging machines are there?

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vacuum packaging machines can be divided into: Vacuum inflatable packaging machine, vacuum modified atmosphere packaging machine, external pumping vacuum packaging machine, single chamber adjustable packaging machine, double chamber vacuum packaging machine, household vacuum packaging machine, full-automatic vacuum packaging machine.

the commonly used single and double chamber is now available as a full-automatic vacuum packaging machine

there are two kinds of knowledge, but there must be more. One single and one double

What do you think is the best?

vacuum packaging machines can be classified from many angles:
1. Size can be divided into household, commercial and factory use
2. Vacuum mode can be divided into external pumping and internal pumping
3. Models can be divided into desktop: vertical, horizontal, double chamber, single chamber, rolling, assembly line, etc.
4. Automation process can be divided into manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic
5. Sealing: unilateral sealing, bilateral sealing, four sides, etc

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