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How much does the dry mixed mortar mixing plant need to invest?

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the lamp mixed mortar mixing plant needs to invest a lot of money. It must pass the environmental assessment. At least it needs more than 1 million yuan to invest!

equipment investment cost of dry mixed mortar mixing plant
now it is listed as a production line with an annual output of 100000 ~ 200000 tons of dry mixed mortar. The products mainly produce ordinary mortar. The configuration is as follows:
four sand tanks,
four powder tanks,
four additive tanks mixing host: 1 set
metering system: 1 ~ 3 sets
packaging system: 2 packaging machines and 1 set of bulk and storage system
supporting screw conveyor, elevator, screening machine and dust collector
total equipment cost: 1.5 ~ 2.8 million yuan
the specific equipment investment is as follows:
1. A set of automatic dry mixing mortar mixing equipment is 1.5 ~ 2.8 million yuan
2 and 4 sets of dry mixed mortar bulk transport vehicles are 1.2 million yuan (300000 ~ 350000 yuan /set, which can be invested by stages and gradually increased in the later stage)
3. One back tank car of bulk Silo: 290000 yuan
4. 40 mobile silos of dry mixed mortar in bulk, totaling 1.12 million yuan (28000 /one, which can be invested by stages and gradually increased in the later stage)
5. 2 flat cars and forklifts respectively, 1 loader: 800000
6. 2 sales vehicles: 180000
7. Other investment: 2 million (civil engineering equipment, experimental equipment, weighbridge, transformer station, ground support, etc.)
the total planned investment of the project is 7.09 ~ 8.39 million yuan (excluding land use fee). The high tower dry mixing mortar station has a working capital of 2 million yuan
about the price of this set of mixing plant: the price of dry mixed mortar mixing plant is affected by many factors, and the prices of different manufacturers will be different. It is recommended to buy from regular manufacturers
investment is for income. In order to ensure the return, the investment must be planned and controlled. The concept of how much it costs to invest in a concrete mixing plant is vague, because it is an uncertain amount. Specifically, the amount of investment in a concrete mixing plant is mainly determined by the following aspects:
1. The production capacity of the planned concrete mixing plant. This is mainly because the production volume of concrete mixing plant is expected to be different, and the amount of investment is also different. The equipment model of large concrete mixing plant is large, the output is high, and the investment is relatively large. For example, 180 type concrete mixing plant has a larger investment than 90 type concrete mixing plant. Because the model of the equipment itself is large, its design production is almost twice that of 90 station, so it is normal to have a large investment in large equipment models. In fact, for most commercial concrete sellers, it is wise to buy a large concrete mixing plant within their own economic scope as much as possible. After all, large equipment can bring large output and income. Of course, if it is for the construction project, it is enough. You can determine the model of the purchased equipment according to your actual needs
2. The scale of the concrete mixing station includes several mixing stations, the floor area of the mixing station, the basic equipment of the whole concrete mixing station, etc. in this regard, the investment cost of the commercial concrete mixing station is higher than that of the general engineering concrete mixing station, and the equipment price of the commercial station is higher than that of the engineering station. In addition, the supporting equipment of the commercial station The overall investment formed by the site area will be slightly higher than that of the engineering station, which also needs to be determined according to the actual needs. If the pre planned production capacity is relatively large, it is required to meet certain requirements on the number of equipment and raw material demand of the concrete mixing plant, which will increase the capital investment of the whole project
however, some other expenses may be included in the actual investment and production, but these expenses are insignificant compared with the above-mentioned expenses. As for whether or not, generally speaking, you can go to some local banks, except for some areas with special regulations.

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