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How should veterinary drug enterprises implement the two-dimensional veterinary drug system?

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first of all, veterinary drug enterprises should register an account on the veterinary drug traceability information system of the Ministry of agriculture, and then apply for a unique QR code. After that, they should buy a QR code scanning and uploading device, that is, a data collector. At present, it is better in the market. It is also a specially designed product that the Ministry of agriculture interviewed last time. Shenzhen Yuanda pt1118 is OK. The specific process is: packaging materials of veterinary medicine QR code → packaging… Collecting QR code data of warehousing products → uploading warehousing data files. I hope I can help you.

through an advanced and reasonable control platform, mite veterinary medicine QR code traceability system integrates the code assignment association system, online reading system, automatic elimination system and intelligent warehousing system to realize the application of immediate trigger and corresponding association of product data according to user requirements. It is simple to use and has strong practicability and stability. It can not only meet the requirements of the traceability system of the Ministry of agriculture, but also realize the automation of enterprise production process.

does the local food and Drug Administration or other regulatory authorities have a designated traceability system for the specified area, or does the government have a traceability system? If not, ask the local person in charge whether they recommend it (ask as much as possible, maybe it’s whose mountain it is, there’s a problem if you don’t worship it), and there’s no recommendation. Check the relevant national regulations, whether you can choose your own software enterprise, and just ask the software company if you can

Qiao Luffy technology, there are scheme materials in the tracing bar, which can be used for reference

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