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How to choose packaging after Tomato Picking

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containers used for tomato packaging, such as plastic boxes and cartons, shall be designed according to the size and specification of the product. The same specification shall be consistent in size, clean, dry, firm, breathable and beautiful. The inner wall shall be free of sharp protrusions, pollution, moth, decay and mildew. The cartons shall be free of moisture and delamination. The plastic boxes shall also meet the requirements of GB /t8868

corrugated boxes or plastic turnover boxes should be selected for the outer packaging, and 0.01-0.015mm thick low-density polyethylene film lining covering packaging or wax paper single fruit packaging can be used for the inner packaging. The products in the same packing box are of the same origin, variety and grade. The products are neatly arranged with the fruit handle facing down. Depending on the volume, they are stacked in 2-3 layers. Lining plates are added between layers. Cross partitions can be selectively padded between fruits to prevent extrusion. When the corrugated box is used for outer packaging, 2-4 air holes with a diameter of 1.5 ~ 2 cm shall be left on both sides of the box; When the plastic turnover box is used for external packaging, the bottom and surrounding of the box shall be lined with special paper. The specification of the packing box is convenient for the loading, unloading and transportation of tomatoes. The maximum weight of tomatoes that can be placed should be less than 20kg

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