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How to identify whether food packaging bags are toxic

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everyone will encounter many different forms of sugar coated shells in his life, such as psychological, material and so on. But there is one that has to be experienced every day and becomes more and more intense. This is the sugar coated food packaging of food
I have seen a report that Dingxi County, Gansu Province is famous for its high-quality potatoes, and the potato chips of a food factory are about to be put on the market. However, during the quality inspection, the factory found that the products have a strange taste similar to that in the home decoration
according to the analysis of Chemistry Laboratory of Lanzhou University, the strange smell comes from the packaging bag of potato chips. After analysis and testing, Lanzhou Quality Supervision Bureau determined that these strange smells came from the benzene left in the packaging bag. The results showed that the residue of benzene in potato chip packaging bag exceeded the standard by more than three times, which was seriously exceeded the standard
similar incidents are common. At present, the management of food packaging materials in the market, especially disposable tableware products, is very chaotic. Shoddy and fake food packaging materials seriously threaten the health of consumers, and affect the healthy development of China’s food packaging industry and even the whole food industry. The random inspection results of food packaging (film) released by the AQSIQ show that, except for general plastic bags, the sampling failure rate of special food packaging bags is as high as 15%
the main problems are that the sanitary indicators do not meet the national standards and the physical and mechanical properties of the products are poor. The food packaging manufactured according to the traditional process is inevitably doped with solvents of harmful substances such as benzene and toluene. Although most of them volatilize in the manufacturing process, a small amount of solvents will remain between the composite membranes and penetrate into the food from the membrane surface over time, making it deteriorate and taste
therefore, relevant experts pointed out that during the use of unqualified food packaging bags, especially those spoiled foods, they will have adverse effects on human health, especially hidden dangers to the development of children and adolescents
at present, there are many kinds of plastic bags for food packaging, which are generally made of two types of plastic films: one is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and dense ammonia; The other is made of PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is a toxic variety. Although polyvinyl chloride resin itself is non-toxic, it is toxic when plasticizer is added in the production process
in addition, stabilizers are added to some plastic products, and these stabilizers are mainly lead stearate, in which the lead salt is easy to precipitate. Once inhaled, it will cause cumulative lead poisoning, which will endanger the health of consumers
identify toxic food packaging bags
plastic bags are non-toxic, which can be identified by the following simple methods:
water detection method: put the plastic bags into water, and the non-toxic plastic bags can surface after being put into water; Toxic plastic bags do not float upward
hand touch detection method: touch the plastic bag by hand, and it is non-toxic if there is a sense of lubrication; Otherwise it will be poisonous
shake detection method: hold one end of the plastic bag with your hand and pat it hard. Those who make a crisp sound are non-toxic; Otherwise, it is toxic
fire detection method: you can cut off one side of the plastic bag and burn it with fire. Toxic ones are not easy to burn; Non toxic is easy to burn in case of fire
maybe everyone will have such an experience. In supermarkets or shopping malls, you may not need a product, but you are attracted to it just because of its attractive appearance. Many businesses have made great efforts in food packaging by grasping people’s psychology
in order to achieve the goal, regardless of people’s health and safety, non food plastic bags are used to pack food. Most of these plastic bags are three no products, and some are recycled plastic products. Using these plastic bags to pack food seriously endangers the health of consumers. For consumers, we should also master certain skills and methods to see through sugar coated shells
correctly select food packaging bags
when selecting and using qualified plastic packaging bags for food, we should pay attention to the following points:
1 The outer packaging of plastic bags for food shall be marked in Chinese, indicating the name of the factory, address and product name, and the words for food shall be indicated in the obvious place. The products are attached with product inspection certificate after leaving the factory
2. Plastic packaging bags for food are odorless and odorless when leaving the factory. Plastic packaging bags with special smell cannot be used for food packaging
3. Colored plastic packaging bags (dark red or black and other colors used in the current market) cannot be used for food packaging. Because such plastic bags are often made of recycled plastic
4. Try to choose materials without coating or plating. In modern packaging design, in order to make the packaging more beautiful and corrosion-resistant, a large number of materials with plating are used. This not only brings difficulties to the recovery and reuse of materials after product scrapping, but also most coatings are toxic. If people eat these packaged foods, it will do great harm to people’s health
in addition, the coating and plating process has also brought great pollution to the environment. Such as volatile toxic solvent gas from coating, waste liquid and residue pollution containing chromium and other heavy metals during electroplating, etc. Therefore, packaging materials without coating and plating should be selected as far as possible
5. It’s best to buy food in large shopping malls instead of street stalls
6. Due to the non degradable characteristics of plastic packaging bags for food, it will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, it is best to choose green packaging materials when purchasing food. Paper is the most widely used green packaging material at present. Therefore, when purchasing food, it is best to choose the original paper packaging, and biodegradable plastics can also be used
in the 21st century, with the improvement of people’s living standards, in addition to the improvement of the quality of goods, the requirements for the packaging of goods are also higher and higher. The packaging of goods is not only required to be beautiful, economical and practical, but also needs to meet the requirements of environmental protection
in the pursuit of green today, we should promote green packaging. In order to adapt to this green environmental storm, a profound revolution is taking place in China’s packaging industry from the aspects of design concept, material selection, production technology, product performance, waste treatment and so on. Therefore,
let’s carry the battle of sugar coated shells to the end.

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