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How to make handicrafts with the packaging box inside the moon cake

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the simplest way is to change the moon cake box into a storage box and place data cards, drugs, small objects, etc. for classification, which is very convenient. Many moon cake boxes can be used directly without much change. In addition, after simple hands-on changes, the moon cake box can become a tissue box, three-dimensional picture frame, photo frame, etc. For example, in the paper towel box, you can make the moon cake box smaller, and open a hole on it. After putting the paper towel, you can. Choose a hard box and cut it into an L shape, which can be used to fix the book. It can be used to store headflowers, hairpins, and so on A superb collection of beautiful things is necessary. When it is necessary to open the choice, it is very convenient. In addition, the foam blocks on both sides are glued to the box, and the cards can be stored, such as hairpins, earrings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. You can also put scarves, shoes and other items that are afraid of wrinkles. The basket type moon cake box can be used as a vegetable basket, the lattice moon cake box can be used as a fruit plate or lunch box, and the iron moon cake box can be used to put valuables. More difficult, you can also make palace lanterns, wall lamps, wall hanging, lanterns and other small handicrafts. You can also try to make hollowed out according to the original pattern on the moon cake box. After cutting, it can be covered on the lamp and hung on the wall, which is very beautiful.

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