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How to make your own gift box?

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in fact, you can also pack gifts in this way. Rent chicken, scold class, watch wine and raise a ten day boat. Don’t use a cartoon doll, such as pretending to be Mickey Mouse, then show up in front of the person you want to give him with your gift and surprise him. This is one of the best gift wrapping. The person who receives the gift must have a special influence on you, especially surprised and liked.

gift boxes are generally required to be exquisite. You need to use at least 1mm thick whiteboard paper to cut the size you want with a medium knife, and then stick the four feet of the box with transparent adhesive paper with good viscosity to form it. Then you can buy your own favorite wrapping paper in general shopping malls and mount the formed box surface. The glue should also be ordinary; The simplest packing box is a sky box and a floor box. The inner dimension of the sky box is generally at least 5mm larger than that of the floor box, but the height is at least 2mm lower than that of the floor box. To be honest, if you haven’t been in contact with this kind of glue, it will be a little difficult to make it
it is recommended to use acrylate glue, which will not be moldy like starch glue, and it is less used per unit area than ordinary white latex, which is economical and cost-effective

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