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How to use the packing belt of Trolley Case

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1. First, unfold the binding belt, as shown in the figure below

2. You can see one with aircraft pattern and one without, as shown in the figure below

3. Pass the strapping with aircraft pattern through the bottom of the measuring box, as shown in the figure below

4. Pull up from bottom to top and wear it to the front, as shown in the figure below

5. Lock the binding belt, as shown in the figure below

6. Bundle the other belt from front to back, as shown in the figure below

7. Pull the binding belt to the middle, as shown in the figure below

8. Fix the buckle under the plane pattern, as shown in the figure below

9, fill in the basic information and stick it on the binding belt

extended data:

packing belt is a wide range of packaging materials. It has a wide variety. According to different classification methods, it can be classified in the following aspects:

1. The produced PP material quality can be divided into core wrapping belt and solid core belt

2. In terms of product quality, it can be divided into transparent grade A, transparent grade B, Grade A, grade AB, grade B, grade BC and grade C

3. According to the packer used, it can be divided into manual packing belt and machine packing belt (machine packing belt is also divided into full automatic belt and semi automatic belt)

4. In terms of application, it can be divided into packaging belt and handicraft belt

5. Whether printing or not can be divided into printing belt and non printing belt

6. In terms of bearing capacity, there are mainly PP packing belt, plastic steel packing belt (also known as pet packing belt) and iron sheet packing belt

7. From the source of raw materials for making packing belt, it can be divided into new material packing belt and recycled material packing belt

8. In terms of color, there are mainly white packing belt, gray packing belt and color packing belt

how to use the luggage packing belt:
1. Surround the luggage compartment horizontally
2. Then one end of the belt passes through the stainless steel ring
3. Turn the head out and then turn over to the back of the box, and wrap it longitudinally around the luggage compartment (Note: the ring buckle shall be tightened during winding)
4. Turn over the head on the front and put it into the other two small rings again
5. Put the head into one of the small ring openings again after wearing it, tighten the belt, and finish.

the packing belt is divided into two types: one is a straight line packing belt and the other is a cross packing belt. The steps of the cross packing belt are as follows: 1. Place the packing belt at the bottom of the box with the front of the password lock facing up. 2. Tilt the other end through the three foot buckle. 3. Pull down the packing belt. 4. Put the packing belt through the box again. 5. Buckle the password lock. 6. Dial the password to complete the operation

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