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How to use vacuum packing bag

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using the principle of deoxidization, food vacuum packaging bags can effectively prevent food deterioration and maintain its color, aroma, taste and nutritional value. It has been widely used in the food industry, so how to correctly use food vacuum packaging bags

I. precautions for storage
the gas moisture in the air is permeable to the packaging materials, and the permeability coefficient is closely related to the temperature. Generally, the higher the temperature, the greater the permeability coefficient, and the more serious the permeability to the packaging materials. Therefore, the food packed in vacuum packaging bags must be stored at low temperature. If stored at high temperature, it will seriously affect the permeability of packaging bags and deteriorate the food. General vacuum packaged food shall be stored below 10 ℃

II. Precautions for operation
1. First of all, when heat sealing the food vacuum packaging bag, pay attention to that the sealing part should not be stuck with residues such as grease, protein and food, so as to ensure that the sealing can be heat sealed completely
2. When heating and sterilizing vacuum packed bags, the sterilization temperature and time should be strictly controlled to avoid excessive pressure inside the bag due to excessive temperature, resulting in separation and rupture of the seal of the bag
3. The packaging bag of food vacuum packaging must be completely evacuated, especially for raw meat and amorphous food vacuum packaging, no residual gas is allowed to prevent the residual gas from leading to the corruption and deterioration of food in the vacuum packaging bag

III. precautions for scope of application
Products unsuitable for food vacuum packaging are fragile foods. If these foods have edges and corners, they are easy to puncture and penetrate the packaging bag. Therefore, it is better not to use vacuum packaging for this kind of food, but other packaging, such as gas filled vacuum packaging bag.

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