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In the course of purchase, how can we determine the quality of Baijiu by packaging parameters?

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when you see such “information” on the product label, you are advised to buy carefully

that is, the product standard number is GB /t20821 or GB /t20822

distinguish “alcohol wine” and “pure grain wine” through the product standard number

see here, are you a little dizzy! Xiaobian will explain to you what is liquid method, what is solid-liquid method and what is solid-state method. This knowledge is very important

① liquid method GB /t20821: it is recommended that you buy it carefully. It is mixed with edible alcohol

2. Solid-liquid method GB/T20822: This is also recommended for careful purchase, with a solid state grain base liquor of less than 30% mixed with edible alcohol + flavour + water. Br>
③ solid state method: real grain wine

therefore, you can estimate its true identity through these implementation standard codes

“alcohol” will hide their true identity in what ways

[method 1]: avoid this problem by choosing “hygiene implementation standard”. For example, GB 2757 is the hygiene standard that all alcohol production enterprises must abide by, and generally there is no need to mark it. If a product is marked with this code, it may be guilty!

[method 2]: adopt local standards and enterprise standards. Here, Xiaobian will popularize what are national, geographical and enterprise standards. There are many “Alcoholic liquor” bypasses the problems of technology and liquor quality by selecting local standards and enterprise standards. Therefore, when you see that the standard number starts with DB and QB, you need to pay more attention

in most cases, the standard of db /QB is lower than the national standard. Of course, it does not rule out that some enterprises formulate enterprise standards more strictly in order to improve their brands. But the national standard is still more persuasive

What about alcohol “forging identity”

Xiaobian reminds you that this identification method can only be used as a reference. We can tell which kind of wine to drink, but we can’t be sure which kind of wine is absolutely OK

many wines are clearly blended with edible alcohol, but they forge their identity and mark the executive standard of pure grain solid state. Nowadays, many gbt10781 1-2006 Luzhou national standard, gbt10781 2-2006 fragrance national standards were broken. It was clear that the products used edible alcohol, but they were marked indiscriminately regardless of the law

when you buy such a bottle of wine with forged identity, you can send it to the quality inspection department to check its alcohol accuracy and ethyl acetate. When the alcohol accuracy exceeds 58 ° or ethyl acetate is less than 2.00 or 1.50, it is very likely to be edible alcohol blended wine. If the aldehydes exceed the standard, it is industrial alcohol that can’t be drunk at all!

look at the executive standard on the packing box. The executive standard is based on the solid-state method GB /t10781 1 the best standard is the best, followed by solid-liquid GB/T20822, and Baijiu by liquid method is the worst. Last time, I bought national flower porcelain Qingyun 20 for dinner. The quality is guaranteed and the taste is great.

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