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Is Tetra Pak paper plastic composite packaging

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as far as I know, Tetra Pak packaging is made of three materials: plastic, aluminum foil and paperboard. It is called aseptic composite paper packaging. This structure not only makes it light and strong, but also the multi-layer composite of aluminum, plastic and paper can effectively isolate light, air and harmful substances. It can protect drinks for a long time without preservatives and refrigeration at room temperature. Therefore, it is very suitable for preserving high nutritional drinks, such as milk, fruit juice and Shenma. This kind of packaging is 100% renewable. After drinking, the packaging is broken and pressed at high temperature. The plate has many uses. The environmental protection benches and garbage cans in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Park are made of it. Beijing’s capital airport and Tiananmen Square also have that kind of trash can. Now, there is a more advanced aluminum-plastic separation technology, which can restore the recycled packaging processing to aluminum powder, plastic particles and pulp, with wider uses and higher economic value.

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