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Zhongshan Torch vocational and technical college is a full-time ordinary higher vocational and technical college established with the approval of Guangdong Provincial People’s government and the approval and filing of the Ministry of education. It was officially established in April 2004. It is a public institution of higher learning managed by Zhongshan Municipal people’s government and entrusted by Zhongshan Torch High tech Industrial Development Zone
> it is also called the torch college, with a beautiful campus area of <8 mu. It has a school building area of 109000 square meters, a collection of more than 170000 books and materials, and a total value of teaching instruments and equipment of more than 30 million yuan. At present, the college has more than 200 in-service teaching staff, including more than 20 professors, more than 30 associate professors and 40 people with master's degree or above

at present, there are more than 5000 full-time general higher education students, more than 1000 secondary vocational education students and more than 1000 adult higher education students. The students are mainly from Guangdong. In addition, a large number of high-quality students are recruited from Hunan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jilin, Hainan, Sichuan and other provinces and regions

there are more than 80 student internship and training bases, with six departments of packaging and printing, information engineering, mechanical engineering, economic management, electronic engineering and biomedicine, including packaging technology and design, printing technology, printing image and text processing, product modeling design, visual communication art design, computer application technology, computer network technology, electronic information engineering technology, electronic measurement and instrument, mold design and manufacturing International economy and trade, e-commerce and other 27 majors

based on Zhongshan, facing Guangdong, relying on regional advantages and serving the local economy, the college has determined the talent training objectives of “innovative, skilled and practical” and the school running mode of “people-oriented and order training” of higher vocational education, introduced the talent training mode combining entrepreneurship and innovative education, always strengthened the exploration and practice of quality education, characteristic education and specialty education, and put the practical ability, practical ability, operational ability As the top priority of students’ training, innovation ability promotes the steady improvement of talent training quality through the continuous reform of teaching methods and teaching means

as the “leader” of Zhongshan’s economic development, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone has relatively mature six national bases such as the National Health Science and technology industrial base and six high-quality industrial parks such as Zhongju high tech Industrial Park. The higher vocational colleges founded by such a development zone with strong economic strength and obvious industrial characteristics have their own characteristics and advantages that other colleges and universities can’t match

school running advantages

one of the advantages:

integration of government, school and enterprise. In Zhongshan high tech Zone, industrial park, national base and vocational college are owned by the government. The government makes full use of administrative means to coordinate the relationship between the college and enterprises and better implement the “school enterprise combination”. The main leaders of the Party committee and Management Committee of the high tech Zone personally serve as the party secretary and President of the college, and the top leaders of all large group companies are directors of the college

advantage 2:

the park has obvious industrial advantages and rich resources for internship, training and employment. Relying on the park to run a university, the university directly serves the park, forming a “three in one” of cooperative school running, cooperative education and cooperative employment, and the linkage of the government, schools and enterprises

third advantage:

advanced school running concept. The district Party committee and Management Committee have determined the school running concept of “new, special and excellent” for the college, and the scale is controlled at about 6000 people. “New”, that is to establish a new school running concept and accurate positioning; Combining the advantages of the industrial park with the advantages of the industrial park, that is, taking the “unique way of running a school” is to make use of the “unique advantages of the Industrial Park”. “Fine” means that the enterprise is deeply involved, the industry, University and research are integrated, the teachers’ skills are fine, the establishment of majors is fully connected with the enterprise, the creation of high-quality majors and the cultivation of high-quality talents

school running features

one of the features:

combination of work and study, part-time work and part-time study. According to the actual situation of students, the college teaches students in accordance with their aptitude, and implements the “1 + 1 + 1” mode (one year to learn technical theory in the school, one year to learn while working in the training base, one year to practice in the enterprise and get paid) and the 3 + 2 mode (three years at home, two years abroad or upgraded). It has solved the problems of poor students’ tuition fees and enterprise staff training. The employment goal put forward by the college for students is to start from the operation post, move forward to the technical post, strive towards the management post, and strive to become an operation expert, technical backbone, management elite and entrepreneurial pioneer as soon as possible

feature 2:

flexible learning and focus on practice. Higher vocational colleges are higher technical education, focusing on the cultivation of vocational skills and practical ability. The school has made great adjustments in the teaching plan, reduced the teaching time of theory course, put practical teaching in the first place, and no longer desperately engage in cultural courses and English. Instead, it takes practical ability, operational ability and innovative ability as the top priority of cultivating students, so as to realize the organic interaction between theory and practice, classroom and post. To evaluate students, we do not use the traditional classroom examination results to measure the advantages and disadvantages of students’ results, but develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, compare their practical ability, and connect the classroom examination score with the practical training score to determine the score of a course. At the same time, the credit system and flexible learning system are implemented. Students do not have to study continuously for three years. They can go to school while working

feature 3:

order cultivation and smooth export. The specialty setting of the college is determined according to the needs of industrial development. What kind of talents the enterprise needs, the college will set up what kind of specialty; The college serves wherever the economic hot spots are. We should focus on the “exciting point” of enterprises and the “tight gap” of professional posts, so as to provide urgently needed talents for the economic construction of high-tech zones in time. Not only does it sign a supply and demand contract with enterprises to effectively solve the employment problem of graduates, but also, starting from the enrollment link, it signs a tripartite contract with enterprises and students to train students completely according to the requirements of enterprises. Freshmen are enterprise people as soon as they enter the school. On the other hand, the college also helps enterprises train employees

feature 4:

school enterprise integration and resource sharing. School enterprise cooperation: the board of directors of the college is concurrently held by the bosses of major companies, both directors and part-time teachers. At the same time, the school directors also sent outstanding senior management talents and technical backbone of the enterprise to the college for teaching and training. Under the coordination of the government of the high tech Zone, the college closely relies on six industrial parks and has jointly established training and practice bases with more than 80 enterprises, which has well solved the problem of insufficient experimental and training facilities of the college

feature 5:

the curriculum is oriented to the needs of enterprises. The college will set up courses according to the skills required by the enterprise, and the curriculum will be jointly determined by the college and the enterprise. At present, the college offers packaging technology and design, printing technology, printing graphic information processing, product modeling design, visual communication art design, computer application technology, computer network technology, electronic information engineering technology, electronic measurement and instrument, mold design and manufacturing, international economy and trade, e-commerce, applied electronic technology, network system management, software technology The core courses of 18 majors, such as numerical control application technology, are all provided by enterprises connected with the majors. Next, the college will jointly set up departments with enterprises, such as the Department of biomedicine with South China Health Industrial Park

feature 6:

the construction of teaching staff, moving forward to “double qualified” and creating “excellent teachers”. The characteristics of “double qualified” teachers are: they not only have deep academic attainments and rich teaching experience in Colleges and universities, but also have rich practical experience or working experience in industrial enterprises. The College strives to increase the proportion of “double qualified” teachers, requires teachers to work with double certificates, and actively introduces and encourages engineering and technical personnel, managers and personnel with special skills from enterprises and institutions to serve as full-time and part-time professional teachers in Vocational and technical colleges. The proportion of part-time teachers increases year by year. Almost all personnel with senior titles in high tech Zone are part-time teachers in the college, creating a team of “excellent teachers”

feature 7:

take advantage of the situation and strength to improve rapidly and take the road of internationalization. At the beginning of its establishment, the college mainly relied on the strength of Hunan University of technology to set up the majors of packaging technology and design, printing technology, printing graphic information processing, product modeling design and visual communication art design in a short time. Now it is cooperating with famous universities such as Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Zhongshan University, Jinan University, South China Polytechnic University and University of Electronic Science and technology, as well as schools in Canada, Germany and the UK, In particular, we will discuss with the Hong Kong side ways to exchange students on a long-term basis

feature 8:

one stop school running. The college not only has secondary vocational and higher vocational colleges, but also cooperates with key universities to run post-secondary and graduate students. Students and enterprise personnel can continuously improve according to their own reality.

it’s OK for moderators to focus on the convenience of employment. Everything else depends on themselves
because it is located in the Pearl River Delta, it is convenient for employment and the tuition is not expensive
in fact, many of the schools started from the money earned by the workers in the nearby industrial park to learn how to recharge. Just those who quickly learn accounting, management, secretary, computer…. But as regular graduates, your employment channels are much stronger than those from outside.

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