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Moon cake packaging machine

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Moon cake packaging machine

I don’t know.

tea bag packaging machine expert Chengdu Mingdian Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. packaging “classic” brand products!

the Wolfgang Parker vacuum packaging machine /food preservation machine /sealing machine (parcel post) in the United States only sells 380, and the national parcel post sends 2 rolls of bags

◆ small volume and simple operation; It can prolong the fresh-keeping period of food by 3 ~ 7 times

◆ it is fully automatic. Just click it, vacuum and scald at one go; Vacuum pumping and scalding can also be controlled separately

◆ the whole machine adopts cutting-edge IC control technology and sensitive temperature sensing technology to automatically sense the ambient temperature during continuous use and automatically adjust the heating temperature and time, so as to achieve the best sealing effect The whole machine has passed UL certification (e315274)

◆ dry and wet two-stage air extraction

◆ the vacuum bag is made of special nylon composite material, which is safe and hygienic, tasteless heating, and can be heated by microwave (pay attention to unpacking)

◆ the vacuum bag of patented technology can make the vacuum packaging reach the industrial level through the special air guide pattern inside the bag. 500mbar

◆ the bag can be reused. When it is reused, only one end needs to be cut off, but it is a little smaller, Until the small one can no longer hold things

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