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let me put it briefly. First of all, I despise your school very much. The reason is that this major can’t recruit students who are not art majors. Since you are non art majors (and don’t want to develop in design, and study art just to draw boxes), and you want to work in “boxes”, I can guarantee that you won’t find a suitable job in the future, You will run into a wall everywhere for a simple reason: almost all units with talents in photo packaging are required to be proficient in software, printing and design, of which design is very important

learning printing depends on accumulation. Without practice, theory is p. two points must be paid attention to in learning printing. First, strong interest; 2、 Practice more, see more, ask more (be able to find problems), think more and discuss more

for packaging, you can eat the world by learning the following two software: PS and AI or PS and CDR. If PS, AI and CDR are better, if you also want to learn 3D, then learn it. The premise is that if you can’t learn well, don’t learn, but learn fine

since you have studied this major and have no art foundation, you have the following suggestions:

A. study more packaging structure design and packaging environmental protection schemes
B. be good at using packaging to protect products, and use the most appropriate, cost-saving and environment-friendly packaging structure
C. study more packaging materials and explore new packaging schemes and materials
D. draw at least 300 sketches and 3000 sketches in 300 colors, and the time for each sketch and color shall not be less than 3 hours
e, intensive learning
F. 2000 high-quality graphic designs in two years (do not design posters, picture albums, etc. you can learn Japanese style, which is difficult to learn and easy to use); Don’t lose the original documents you made in the folder. It will be your material in the future
G and junior year students produce a film every three days (A4 size, depending on the printing effect, that is, the printing effect). It only costs 400 yuan per month; Senior students should use spot color once a week and once a month. They should adhere to it (if they don’t have money, they can give A6, about 100 yuan a month)
h. insist on collecting and downloading at least 20 high-quality graphic designs (including packaging) on major design websites every day, classify them and store them as materials (packaging folder, advertising folder, poster folder, logo folder, picture album folder, etc.)
I. subscription: professional magazines such as packaging and design, art and design, 360 degree, international designer network (according to economic strength, you can often go to the library and save money). You must subscribe to several fashion magazines with strong commerciality and good design, such as trendy electronics, # ¥% youth, to learn business design
J. pay attention to major exhibitions and get the designs of other companies every time (such as their picture albums, etc.)
K. go to a large shopping mall once a week to see the design, such as IKEA

in fact, there are, but on the one hand, you can’t remember. On the other hand, you don’t have so much time. If you can do the above work well, you can find a job

don’t trust teachers. Some teachers are just a group of scum. They just read according to the book. Many people’s teaching methods are really disgusting. Many of them have no practical work experience at all, especially some who stay in school. They are the best of the scum. They think it’s great to major well in school. But I don’t scold those who often help others with business design. My point is: don’t be a teacher without very rich practical experience. You’d better go away. It’s too misleading for people’s children, don’t you think. (insert an advertisement: Search “shirt printing products” in Google), but there are several masters in every university. No matter whether you know them or not, you should always pester them. Don’t be afraid that they won’t be happy. Anyway, as long as they speak, you will get something. Especially for the film you produce, you should pester them to give you advice. The teacher who runs the company can also ask him for advice, but please note, If someone advises you not to make films, don’t believe it. If you don’t insist on making films, don’t make so much and don’t do more experiments, you have great skills. You can’t solve problems with your own knowledge immediately after you find a job. If you can’t solve problems, your salary, hum, keep it so low

How about a learning plan tailored for you? If you can’t adhere to the above plan, you won’t be saved. Time is running out. You can do it according to your own plan. Now pay attention to the paper. Don’t copy others’. It’s boring. Just write the research on environmental protection packaging or packaging structure. Now prepare it, so as to read some relevant materials and learn more by writing the paper. If you have a big mistake in your memory, it seems that I have a big mistake in my memory

Oh, my God, I forgot. You are a junior college. You are three years old. The plan I gave you is junior and senior. Adjust it yourself. Focus on completing three items of FGH, 50 items of D, 50 items of 300, and I items of business magazines. JK should insist that item e should be learned in class. If you don’t learn plane composition, you should learn plane composition. Complete ABC by writing a paper

well, I’m going to have a rest. It’s almost four o’clock in the morning. Good luck.

what you learn is only basic and theoretical. It needs practical supplement when you go out of society, but you can choose a specific one, such as designer, craftsman, salesman, learning to open a printing press, etc. the knowledge required by each post is different. If you work in the above posts once, it will be the material of the factory director; If you don’t have a chance, you can become an expert if you do a good job. The so-called art is endless
for design, it is more appropriate to be born in general art, because creativity is very perceptual, and also has the ability of modeling, color expression and aesthetics; If you are interested, it’s time to hurry up and learn. After all, you’re still young, but if you want to learn, you should find a regular point to avoid going astray. Of course, you also have advantages, that is, you study art. Generally, you know little about printing technology, and the designed things are often divorced from the reality of technology
making boxes is a headache. The boxes of various products are similar and vast. It is not easy for you to make a reasonable and stand out from the crowd.

I graduated from packaging engineering. Theoretically, as long as you are very good, it doesn’t matter what major you study. But this major is really like what you said. It’s very embarrassing. I know it. I’m a packaging engineering student, mainly studying packaging machinery. I’ve also studied what you’ve learned now. Later, it’s hard to find a job. People would rather have mechanical design in a garbage school than packaging engineering in my undergraduate course. So later, I took the postgraduate entrance examination to study mechanical design, and now I’m a university teacher.

do you want to do prepress design? Then you might as well look at the process of the printing factory! When you go out, you will know that it is very useful ~ and the use of software should be strengthened!

the most basic material and technology to be understood in packaging. What material and technology will be better. We should know how to develop the structure and composition of a package and the knowledge of printing. In short, when designing, we should understand many things beyond design!

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