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Practice tips of Cangzhou authentic hot pot chicken

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first of all, I’m very happy to answer your question. I usually do it in two simple ways

Cangzhou hot pot chicken is very famous. Many friends have to eat Cangzhou hot pot chicken when they come to Cangzhou. They can’t eat such delicious hot pot chicken when they leave Cangzhou! So many friends buy vacuum packaging and eat it back. It’s not that taste! So many people want to do it by themselves, but I don’t know how to do it. I do it by myself once a week. Each time I do it in a different way, because I don’t make a lot of spices by myself, so they are all commonly used materials

I Select 4 chickens and mix them

chicken leg + chicken wing, totaling 3 ~ 4 kg (legs and wings of white striped chicken)

2 whole chickens and 4 kg roosters (Jianjian Sanhuang chicken)

the two tastes are different, take turns

II Slightly spicy taste

A. 4 kg of legs and wings

B. onion, ginger, seasoning, fragrant leaves, pepper, Pixian bean paste, soybean paste,

raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, oil consumption, sugar, edible oil

1 Put water into the pot with legs and wings, add liquor, boil and take out

2 Add onion, ginger, chili, Pixian bean paste, soybean paste and a little sugar to stir fry red oil

3 Stir fry the legs and wings for 2 minutes, add raw and old soy sauce, use oil, stir fry for 1 minute, and add water

4 Soak the legs and wings and stew for 15 minutes, turn off the fire and stuffy for an hour

5 Put it on the induction cooker and rinse vegetables while eating legs and wings. It’s delicious

note: for the taste of yellow stew, replace chili and Pixian bean paste with sweet flour sauce or onion companion

it is a very happy thing for a family to eat hot pot chicken in autumn and winter!

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