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Purpose and characteristics of packing wooden case

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1. Features of wooden cases: beautiful appearance, strong and durable, available for domestic and export, and the size can be produced according to customer requirements
2. Wooden case: suitable for domestic or export packaging of all kinds of goods and products, economical and affordable
3. Sliding wooden case: suitable for packaging and transportation of large machinery, electromechanical products or heavy equipment and production line
4. Lattice case: suitable for domestic transportation and packaging of large plastic parts, cloth or automobile glass
5. Coaming box: it is a new type of packaging that can be reused. It is suitable for the packaging of irregular products such as fasteners, metal balls and stamping parts. It is the only choice for the packaging of products exported to Europe
6. Plywood box: it is applicable to the packaging and transportation of general commodities. The total weight of a single box is generally recommended not to exceed 2 tons

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