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Scope of packaging engineering

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packaging engineering is based on the discipline of mechanical engineering and the theory of packaging technology. It mainly solves three problems in the process of modern commodity production: protecting products, facilitating storage and transportation and promoting sales. Taking the packaging parts and the packaging engineering system formed in the process of commodity production and logistics as the research object, studying their function combination, formation and development law is a comprehensive cross science involving both natural science and social science. Focus on the research of packaging and take the formation of the law of packaging as its own responsibility. Packaging engineering should not only study how to make the packaging beautiful, practical, economical and firm, but also study the packaging materials, packaging containers, packaging methods and packaging machinery. The relationship between packaging and production, circulation and consumption has also been included in the research scope of modern packaging engineering. It is closely related to social progress and economic development, and plays an increasingly important role in the national economy
professional features
packaging engineering is a highly interdisciplinary application-oriented discipline, which needs to master a variety of engineering disciplines such as materials, computers, machinery and testing, as well as certain art and management knowledge. The major of packaging engineering in our university has formed its own advantages and characteristics based on the College of mechanical and electrical engineering. On the basis of mastering the basic theory of modern packaging engineering technology, have the ability of packaging machinery design, equipment selection, packaging process design, packaging material selection and inspection, packaging structure, modeling and decoration design, and focus on the design of packaging machinery. This major has the right to grant a master’s degree. After graduation, students can also continue to study packaging engineering and related majors, such as materials, machinery, management and so on
training objective
cultivate senior engineering and technical talents who have the ability of packaging system design and management, and can engage in packaging system design, quality inspection, technical management and scientific research in commodity production and circulation departments, packaging enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign trade, commodity inspection and other departments
main courses
fundamentals of computer application, engineering graphics, Fundamentals of mechanical design, engineering mechanics, packaging materials, microcomputer principle and application, packaging technology, packaging structure design, packaging machinery design and packaging process automation
employment direction
after graduation, students can engage in material technology research and development, structural design and Production and operation management, as well as the supporting work required for all products, are mainly concentrated in the packaging departments of enterprises such as electronics, food, medicine, tobacco and alcohol, daily cosmetics, as well as the logistics departments of heavy industrial enterprises such as electromechanical and automobile. Engaged in packaging machinery, packaging technology, packaging design, packaging material application research and experiment, as well as enterprise operation management, operation and sales in packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises, packaging design companies, packaging printing enterprises, packaging material enterprises, commodity production enterprises and other institutions.

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