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Technical packaging of environmental protection packaging

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environmental protection packaging involves a wide range of links. Packaging materials are the basis. Environmental protection packaging technology and equipment also determine the “gold content” of environmental protection packaging. Environmental protection packaging equipment is a high-tech, intelligent and competitive product integrating Electromechanical, photoelectric and bionics. It has a fast development speed and fast renewal speed. With the widespread use of new composite packaging materials, the requirements for packaging equipment and technology are more stringent
environmental protection packaging mostly adopts automatic, intelligent and digital packaging equipment. High speed membrane and bag making equipment, super large hollow container forming equipment with more than 1000L, energy-saving and comprehensive utilization equipment and other high-tech packaging equipment have been widely used. In addition, the recycling equipment and secondary processing equipment of waste raw materials also meet the requirements of environmental regeneration. The launch of ISO14000 environmental standards and the world trend of protecting the environment and maintaining ecological balance have also become the driving force for the development of environmental protection packaging equipment (machinery)

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