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Tetra Pak packaging is the main form of Tetra Pak packaging

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1. Tetra Pak brick
Tetra Pak brick provides the dairy industry with high-quality packaging solutions for refrigerated drinks. Tetra Pak brick series includes five shapes: familiar brick type, basic type, suitable for medium-sized, square type and slim type, as well as the new Tetra Pak peak
Tetra Pak peak packaging is not only unique in appearance, but also different in stacking, which is related to the inclined top and screw cover position of the packaging. It is suitable for every drinker in terms of opening, dumping and resealing
in order to grasp more refrigeration business opportunities, the use of ultra clean (XH) technology, combined with advanced product processing solutions and reasonable refrigeration distribution network, can achieve a longer shelf life (ESL)
according to different packaging shapes, the packaging capacity of Tetra Pak bricks ranges from 200 to 1000 ml
2. Aseptic Tetra Pak brick
aseptic Tetra Pak brick is the best-selling carton packaging series of liquid drinks. Once launched, it has brought revolutionary changes to the liquid food industry. Not only is it unique in shape and has the most effective stacking and storage characteristics, but it also enables the distribution of milk and fruit juice without refrigeration, additives or preservatives, while protecting the nutritional value of the products in the package
the five eye-catching planes of the package can convey information. The basic, slim /moderate and square packages with a capacity ranging from 80 to 2000 ml provide a variety of printing methods, sizes and closing methods, which are suitable for packaging all kinds of dairy products, fruit juice products and other types of beverages
Tetra Pak brick brand is worthy of being a work of ingenuity: it is not only because of its environmental protection characteristics and unique shape, but also because it is easy to use, configure and produce, but also easy to promote
3. Aseptic Tetra Pak brick
aseptic Tetra Pak diamond packaging has both eye-catching appearance and comprehensive functions, making it an ideal choice for various consumer drinking occasions. It is an ideal packaging for high-quality fruit juice, delicious flavor milk, nutritious yogurt, iced tea, organic products or low lactose milk
aseptic Tetra Pak diamond packaging is a high-end paper packaging with eye-catching unique shape and excellent dumping and holding characteristics. The printing of sterile Tetra Pak diamond packaging can reflect the metal effect and add charm to the shelf. The packaging capacity ranges from 125ml small package to 1L household package
4 Aseptic Tetra Pak crystal
aseptic Tetra Pak crystal packaging is the world’s first aseptic roof packaging that provides roll feed packaging for fruit juice and milk
consumers love the eye-catching fashion appearance of sterile Tetra Pak crystal packaging. It not only provides the convenience, safety and nutrition of aseptic packaging, but also has excellent function and fresh image
the molding, filling and sealing of sterile Tetra Pak crystal packaging are completed on the reliable and tested Tetra Pak A3 /flexible line filling machine platform. Supply 500, 750 and 1000 ml packages
5. Sterile Tetra Pak pillow
for families who want cheap packaging and ensure product safety, sterile Tetra Pak pillow is undoubtedly attractive. It can be used to pack all kinds of dairy products, fruit juice and tea
the aseptic Tetra Pak pillow is packed with multi-layer composite packaging materials, so that the packaging can withstand the impact of harsh conditions in a long time of handling and storage
200, 250, 500 and 1000 ml packages are available. 200 and 250 ml small packages can also be equipped with straw holes, which can facilitate the introduction of in transit drinking methods into the market and improve brand visibility
6. Sterile Tetra Pak traditional bag
the unique shape of sterile Tetra Pak traditional bag makes young and childlike consumers excited. Its unique personality makes it stand out from similar products
without preservatives and refrigeration, the product can remain fresh and delicious for up to 12 months. Our aseptic technology ensures the quality of the contents. It is suitable for packaging fruit juice, dairy products, popsicles, iced tea and viscous products
the tetrahedral shape minimizes the consumption of packaging materials and brings you economic benefits and environmental protection advantages
7. Aseptic Tetra Pak Wei
aseptic Tetra Pak Wei is fashionable, interesting and popular. Its unique personality attracts children’s consumers of all ages. It is distinctive and eye-catching on the shelf, just like providing you with an excellent billboard to promote the brand
it is durable, light and cost-effective. As a sterile package, it does not need preservatives or refrigeration, with long shelf life and wide distribution range. The package is available in 125 and 200 ml capacity and can be equipped with straw hole or scissors line opening
aseptic Tetra Pak is selected for packaging nutritious and healthy liquid foods such as flavor milk, sour milk, drinking yogurt, fruit juice and pulp drinks or soybean drinks
8. Tetra Pak emperor
Tetra Pak emperor packaging is famous for attracting consumers, convenient distribution, practicability and versatility. Tetra Pak packaging has sold 200 billion packages since its inception in the 1960s. It is the perfect choice for refrigerated pasteurized dairy products and fruit juice products. It provides you with flexibility, economy, efficiency and reliability. This semi-finished product packaging solution can complete the capacity conversion in a few seconds
you can choose from three shapes: standard, slim and Tetra Pak plus, coupled with a custom color screw cover, and choose one of the three printing methods to get a shiny package on the shelf
9. Tetra Pak crown
Tetra Pak crown packaging family is beyond the ordinary. It realizes the perfect combination of plastic top cover and carton, so as to absorb the best characteristics of both. The package is available in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 100 to 1000 ml. this packaging family can provide excellent shelf image and space efficiency, and is convenient for consumers
the package saves space, is easy to stack, and is easy to dispose of after use – just flatten them and recycle them
the surface of the carton is 100% printable, which directly transmits your promotion information to consumers. You can easily produce bottle caps of various styles, colors, sizes and functions to meet various types of consumption
this flexible system is also applicable to refrigerated products and high acid normal temperature non carbonated beverages
10. Tetra Pak
Tetra Pak packaging is specially designed for products usually packaged in cans, glass bottles and bags. It is the world’s first secondary sterilization carton processing and packaging system, which has no limit on the particle size of the packaged food
legumes, vegetables, tomatoes, soups and sauces packaged with Tetra Pak can be sterilized in carton packaging with a shelf life of up to 24 months

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