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The format of the envelope.

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envelope format:

1. Write the recipient’s address on the first line of the envelope. The handwriting should be neat and the place names should be detailed. The place name should be written by the province, city and county, all the way to the District, street and house number. If you write to the countryside, you should also write the name of the township and the name of the village. There are six squares in the upper left corner of the envelope. The postal code of the recipient should be filled in

2. Write the recipient’s name in the middle of the second line of the envelope. According to the identity of the recipient, you can write “comrade” or “sir (madam)” after the name. You should avoid writing titles here. For example, you should not write “Grandpa”

3. Write the sender’s address and name on the third line of the envelope. The postal code of the sender should be filled in the lower right corner of the envelope. In case of delivery difficulties, the post office can quickly return the letter to the sender with this information

4. The area from the front of the envelope to the right 55mm to 160mm and below the bottom 20mm is the barcode printing area. Do not write or sign in this area to avoid affecting delivery

5. The words on the envelope cannot be written in pencil to prevent ambiguity; You can’t write in red because it’s impolite

6. For the letter handed over by the trustee, the words “personally” and “troublesome” should be written on the envelope, and on the second half of the third line of the envelope“ ××× “Trust” or“ ××× Just “please”
envelope generally refers to a bag like package for exchanging documents and information used by people to post letters and keep the contents of letters. Envelopes are generally made into rectangular paper bags. It also refers to the envelope basin (Sichuan Basin), the book “envelope” published by Yilin publishing house, and the Trojan horse envelope, such as QQ envelope.

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