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The heating wire of vacuum packaging machine always burns out. What is the reason?

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The heating wire of vacuum packaging machine always burns out. What is the reason? Both sides are broken, and it will produce a great smell in a short time. Please help me out. Thank you

first of all, it may be the material problem of vacuum packaging machine heating belt. Now nickel chromium or iron chromium is widely used. Nickel chromium is of good quality and durable, but the price is much more expensive than iron chromium. There is also a stainless steel heater, which is easy to burn out if it is of the worst quality
Second, the copper column head is excessively oxidized. Now most domestic vacuum packaging machines use copper column head, which is OK at the beginning of work, but it will be oxidized to black after a period of time, so the heating belt is easy to burn out
Third, another reason for the burning out of the heating belt may be the low power of the transformer, and the low power of the transformer may be the quality problem caused by Jerry building
Fourth, if the vacuum pumping time is too short, too much indoor residual air will also lead to premature oxidation of the heating zone. Usually, the damage frequency of single chamber vacuum packaging machine plus tropical belt is less
the last reason is the programming problem. The correct heating procedure is to press the heating belt to the sealing line before heating. However, many manufacturers blindly pursue work efficiency and often heat it before pressing the mouth, resulting in dry burning damage of the heating belt
the advantages of Ni Cr alloy heating wire are high strength in high temperature environment, not easy to deform and change the structure after long-term high-temperature operation, good plasticity at room temperature and simple repair after deformation. In addition, nickel chromium alloy heating wire has high emissivity, no magnetism, good corrosion resistance and long service life.

the smell is caused by too high temperature! Heating strips should be of good quality!

the voltage should be too high all at once, or frequent startup and shutdown

reduce the voltage or buy a high-power electric heating wire.

remove the copper head! The stripped core wire of the conductor is directly wrapped on the strip and fixed on the heating plate with high temperature!

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