Home Company News The price of paper has soared! Paper mills have stopped production one after another. Will the price of paper products we use rise sharply?

The price of paper has soared! Paper mills have stopped production one after another. Will the price of paper products we use rise sharply?

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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, the topic “paper mills have stopped production” appeared on the social media platform. This topic has attracted everyone’s attention. In our daily life, whether we work or study, we are inseparable from paper. Paper appears in all aspects of our life. No matter where it is, we still can’t live without paper. Since May, China’s major domestic paper-making enterprises and trading manufacturers have also raised their prices. The price of cultural paper has generally increased by 200 yuan /ton, while that of white cardboard has reached 1000 yuan /ton. Such a price really enables modern people to experience the experience of “Luoyang paper is expensive” again

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The price of paper rose sharply, but papermaking enterprises stopped production one after another. Since March, many paper-making enterprises have announced that their enterprises will stop maintenance and production. This situation makes us confused. It should have been the rise of paper prices. Paper enterprises should have more production enthusiasm and more output, but this situation is really the opposite. However, it is not that paper-making enterprises do not want to produce. It is because the price of pulp raw materials rises, resulting in the upside down of pulp and paper prices. These paper-making enterprises can only shut down. Most of the pulp raw materials relied on by our country’s paper industry are imported, and the import of raw material wood pulp accounts for more than two-thirds. Since 2003, China’s pulp import volume has led other countries in the world, and the demand is showing an upward trend

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Not only that, because our demand for all kinds of paper is rising, the prices of all kinds of paper are also rising. For example, the prices of cultural paper, packaging paper and even toilet paper are also rising

& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In this way, the paper products we use should also be affected. We should face up to this situation. In this case, we should save paper, improve the recycling rate, and find alternatives to pulp raw materials, such as straw and bamboo

I think the paper products we use will rise sharply. In the future, the paper products will be widely used and the utilization rate will be very high. It is very likely that the price will rise, which is normal.

I think the price will rise, because many places now use paper things, so now many places are short of paper things. They are importing these things, so I think the price will rise.

maybe. Because now many paper mills have stopped production. It is very likely to lead to a rise in the price of paper products. So now we must buy some paper for standby.

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