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The problem of cutting line in printing and typesetting

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As shown in the figure, the cutting lines are all added in this way. How to cut…
I know there is bleeding. I’ll just give an example. How can the machine cut all four sides at once

cutting is done by the paper cutter in printing, not for you to cut. If you print by yourself, you can use a ruler to compare. The horizontal lines on the left are connected together, and the ones on the right are also cut. The same is true up and down. There should be bleeding in the picture

of course, the cutting line should be cut off. What is within the cutting line is the finished product size. When printing, there should be cutting lines. Those who don’t know how to cut paper don’t know how to cut it

the cutting line is mainly used for cutting and proofreading. Once the cutting line is measured, you can know how big the thing is. In addition, when cutting, there is only one side, because the paper is parallel,

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