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There is no Chinese label in the prepackaging of food safety law. Which one is it

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Article 42 the package of prepackaged food shall be labeled. The label shall indicate the following items:

(I) name, specification, net content and production date

(2) list of ingredients or ingredients

(III) name, address and contact information of the producer

(IV) shelf life

(V) product standard code

(VI) storage conditions

(VII) the common name of the food additive used in the national standard

(VIII) production license number

(IX) other matters that must be indicated by laws, regulations or food safety standards

the label of main and auxiliary foods specially for infants and other specific groups shall also indicate the main nutritional components and their content

[interpretation] this article specifies the contents that should be indicated on the label of prepackaged food

food labels refer to all labels, tags, words, graphics, symbols and descriptions attached to or attached to food packaging containers. The basic function of food labeling is to scientifically convey the quality characteristics, safety characteristics, eating and drinking instructions and other information of the food to consumers by clearly and accurately describing the name, ingredient list, net content, producer name, batch number and production date of the marked food

the reason to strengthen the management of prepackaged food labels is to meet the needs of consumers and protect consumers’ right to know and choice. Consumers can buy food with the help of food labels. By observing the whole content of the label, we can understand the name of the food, what kind of food its contents are, what raw materials and auxiliary materials are made of, as well as the manufacturer and quality. The law on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests stipulates that business operators shall make true explanations and clear warnings to consumers for goods and services that may endanger personal and property safety; Consumers have the right to know the true situation of their purchase and use of goods or services, and have the right to require business operators to provide relevant information such as the price, place of origin, performance, specifications and main components of goods; Consumers have the right to compare, identify and select when they independently choose goods or receive services. The product quality law requires producers to identify “the name and content of the main components contained”. It can be seen that it is the obligation of food operators to ensure consumers’ right to know and choice. Second, the needs of producers and distributors. They expand publicity through labels to let consumers know about enterprises and products; At the same time, different production enterprises safeguard their legitimate rights and interests with their own unique label signs to prevent other counterfeit labeled foods. Third, the need for export and technical exchange in the international food industry.

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