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Vacuum packed fresh chicken. Storage time at normal temperature.

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I’d like to vacuum pack the chickens after they are killed for shipment. Now the freight can arrive at home in 2-7 days. Will the room deteriorate or smell like this? Can it be done without adding money?

after vacuum packaging, it can be extended to six days, and some can be extended to 18 days. If you see the chicken injected with water, the meat will be particularly elastic. If you look carefully, you will find that there are red needle points on the skin and black around the needle eyes

if the chicken injected with water is touched by hand, it will feel that the surface is uneven and seems to have lumps, while the normal chicken without water injection feels very smooth

in addition, if the chicken in the meat skin is white, it can basically be judged that it is a roast chicken made of healthy chicken, because if it is a plague chicken, there is no bleeding when it dies. The meat color of the roast chicken made of that kind of chicken will turn red

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if it is not refrigerated, it will change its flavor, because there will be bacteria on the surface of the chicken during the slaughter process. If it is not sterilized, the chicken will also change its flavor after being put into vacuum packaging for more than 24 hours. Hope to help you, thank you!

vacuum packaging technology is mainly aimed at cooked food products. In addition, there are some low-temperature refrigerated or quick-frozen foods and a small amount of dry food. The vacuum packaging technology of poultry and meat food is cooked food vacuum packaging technology, that is, the products are involved in commercial high-temperature sterilization after vacuum packaging. It can be seen from here that it is not the vacuum bag itself that determines the product quality. The vacuum bag is only one of the decisive factors. If poultry meat without high-temperature sterilization is directly packaged in vacuum, it will not be fresh and guaranteed, and it is easy to rot and deteriorate.

not in winter, not in summer. Generally speaking, the shelf life of most things is extended by 3-5 times after vacuum packaging. The shelf life of raw and killed chickens is 24 hours at room temperature. After vacuum packaging, it is 3 days, and it should be at 20 ° temperature. If the temperature is above 30 ° in summer, even vacuum packaging can’t last two days

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