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Weighing and measuring packaging machine

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Automatic weighing and packaging machine is used to pack line cards, 40 to 100 pieces per package! What kind of packaging function is available now? Or do you want to make it to order? Can you achieve 100% accuracy? How much is it? Is this kind of machine easy to break down? Which brand of packing machine is good?

this is very simple. Use the counting packaging machine, and then carry out a weighing calibration in the counting hopper. After packaging the finished products, carry out a secondary weight calibration, on the premise that the weight error of your products cannot be too large. Be sure to be standard, or there will be an inaccurate error in counting and weighing

if the weighing accuracy is not good, a high-speed counting packaging system can be used. Report the total output — daily output — requirements.

tipping bucket automatic packaging machine is the kind of machine for packaging dumplings. The machine certainly can’t guarantee 100% accuracy. 97% should be no problem. The price is about 25000. You can rest assured of the quality of the machine and ensure your use. You can contact it further if necessary

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