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What are the benefits of packaging machines?

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packaging machines are now more and more widely used in people’s life. They have the following advantages:

1 Packaging machinery is widely used: in the market: food Chemical industry Medicine Light industries are in use (relatively few in the machinery industry)

2. It is easy to use (automatically complete the functions of bag making, metering, blanking, sealing, cutting, counting, printing batch number, etc.)

3. High efficiency: the output of packaging machines in the Chinese market can be close to 120-240 bags per minute instead of handmade products in the 1980s, which is several times higher than that at that time

4. Clean, sanitary and energy-saving use of the packaging machine is clean and sanitary, no manual operation is required, and the function of clean, sanitary, material saving, bag saving, cost saving and environmental protection may be used

5. The open side baffle has good visibility and safe operation

(1) the automatic packaging machine can obtain the packaging materials with consistent specifications according to the requirements of packaging materials and the required shape and size, but manual packaging cannot be guaranteed

(2) it can realize the operations that cannot be realized by manual packaging. Some packaging operations cannot be realized by manual packaging and can only be realized by automatic packaging

(3) it can reduce the labor intensity and improve the working conditions. The labor intensity of manual packaging is very high. For example, manually packaging products with large volume and heavy weight is both physical and unsafe; For light and small products, due to high frequency and monotonous action, workers are easy to get occupational diseases

(4) it is conducive to the labor protection of workers. For some products that seriously affect health, such as products with serious dust, toxic products, irritant and radioactive products, manual packaging will inevitably endanger health, while mechanical packaging can be avoided and can effectively protect the environment from pollution

(5) it can reduce packaging costs and save storage and transportation costs. For loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, hemp, etc, The use of compression packaging machine for compression packaging can greatly reduce the volume and reduce the packaging cost. At the same time, because the volume is greatly reduced, the storage space is saved, the storage cost is reduced, and it is conducive to transportation

the benefits of this packaging machine are five casually. If you want to further understand the packaging machine, you can go to Zhonghe packaging in Shanghai, which is a professional packaging company. It’s good to listen to others.

with the development of science and technology, machines and equipment have become more and more advanced, replacing part of human work and freeing up part of human labor. For example, automatic packaging machine is an example. The advantages are as follows:
first, reduce the labor volume of workers
Second, improve work efficiency
Third, alleviate the pressure of China’s aging
Fourth, reduce the pressure of bosses looking for people
fifth, reduce the labor cost of bosses
sixth Improve the level of automation and intelligence in China
VII. Develop the automation industry
VIII. Enhance the competitiveness of China’s machinery and equipment
IX. it is conducive to small-scale entrepreneurship
X. improve the level of mass entrepreneurship
Xi. Revitalize the plight of domestic manufacturing
XII. For food, reduce the number of human contact and help control the sanitary environment
XIII Promote the employment of electrical automation professionals and improve the enthusiasm of relevant research and development

bag feeding packaging refers to the packaging equipment with bag feeding function instead of manual packaging, which is equipped with different metering devices according to different materials, so as to realize the full-automatic packaging of products such as particles, powder, blocks, solids, liquids, sauces, toys, hardware and so on
1. It is small in size and light in weight. It can get on the elevator without the restriction of use site
2. 220V power supply, without power supply. Low voltage requirements
3. Four process operation, low failure rate and high stability
4. The production speed is fast and can be combined conveniently. The speed is 30-50 bags /minute
5. One click operation can be used immediately after startup without professional personnel
6. It is convenient to change the bag type, easily realize multi-purpose of one machine, without adding accessories, and has good compatibility.

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