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What are the general elements of organizational breakthrough

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management scholars believe that whether an enterprise has strong innovation ability and whether a team is qualified in innovation depends on the following three aspects:

first, whether the enterprise leadership has the courage and courage to innovate. The so-called innovation is the breakthrough of old things, old ideas and

old systems, which will face uncertainty. At this time,

tests the decision-making ability of the enterprise’s leading group: it is to go head-on, even if you take some risks, you should also take action in innovation

is it still complacent,

afraid of problems, take responsibility and stick to the old ways? In fact, whether to take risks and make decisions is the core element of contemporary entrepreneurship. Behind the spirit of enterprise innovation,

is the entrepreneur’s strong sense of crisis and responsibility for enterprise development, and a solemn commitment to the trust of shareholders

on this issue, it is clear at a glance who does things and who is a “mixed official”

the second is to see whether entrepreneurs have a broad mind

innovation, in many cases, is to think and do what others have not thought and done. It is inevitable that it is inconsistent with the opinions of leaders; Innovative affairs are often not tested by the society. At the beginning, they may look strange,

even shocking. At this time,

is to kill the opinions that are inconsistent with your own opinions and strangle the practices you

don’t like in the cradle; Or be open-minded, give full play to democracy, mobilize the enthusiasm of

people, and take effective care of all possible innovative ideas and practices to make them grow. This is an important standard to test the quality of an entrepreneur. A narrow-minded person cannot lead an innovative organization, nor can he be the leader of a modern enterprise

Third, see whether you have the ability to establish an innovation system. With courage and mind,

only with the ability to establish innovative systems and qualified professional level can we truly establish innovative enterprises. Therefore,

has courage and

has mind, which only solves the problem of “wanting to work”; The construction of innovation system tests whether entrepreneurs “can work”.

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