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What are the technical methods of logistics packaging

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first, packaging bag

packaging bag is an important technology in flexible packaging. The packaging bag material is flexible material with high toughness, tensile strength and wear resistance. The general packaging bag structure is a bobbin structure, one end is sealed in advance, and the other end is sealed after packaging. The packaging operation generally adopts filling operation. Packaging bags are widely used for transportation packaging, commercial packaging, inner packaging and outer packaging. Packaging bags are generally divided into the following three types:

1. Container bag: This is a large volume transportation packaging bag with a capacity of more than 1 ton. The top of the container bag is generally equipped with metal hangers or rings to facilitate the hoisting and handling of forklifts or cranes. When unloading, you can open the unloading hole at the bottom of the bag, that is, unloading, which is very convenient. It is suitable for shipping granular and powdery goods. Container bags are usually made of polypropylene, polyethylene and other polyester fibers. Due to the convenient loading, unloading and handling of container bags, the loading and unloading efficiency has been significantly improved and has developed rapidly in recent years

2. General transportation bags: the weight of this kind of bags is 0.5-100kg, most of which are woven fabric bags made of plant fiber or synthetic resin fiber, or multi-layer material bags composed of several layers of flexible materials. For example, gunny bags, straw bags, cement bags, etc. It mainly packages powdery, granular and small goods

3. Small packaging bag (or ordinary packaging bag): this kind of packaging bag has less weight and is usually made of single-layer material or double-layer material. For some packaging bags with special requirements, it is also made of multiple layers of different materials. The packaging range is wide, and this kind of packaging can be used for liquid, powder, block and special-shaped objects

among the above packaging bags, container bags are suitable for transportation packaging, general transportation packaging bags are suitable for outer packaging and transportation packaging, and small packaging bags are suitable for inner packaging, individual packaging and commercial packaging

Second, packaging bottle

packaging bottle is a small container with large difference in bottleneck size. It is a kind of rigid packaging. The packaging material has high deformation resistance, and the requirements for rigidity and toughness are generally high. Individual packaging bottles are between rigid and flexible materials. Although the shape of the bottle can deform to a certain extent when subjected to external force, once the external force is removed, The original bottle shape can still be restored. The bottle structure is that the diameter of the bottle neck is much smaller than the bottle body, and the opening is at the top of the bottle neck; The packaging operation is the filling operation, and then the bottle mouth is closed with a bottle cap. The packaging volume of packaging bottle is generally small, which is suitable for beautification and decoration. It is mainly used for commercial packaging and inner packaging. It mainly packs liquid and powder goods. Packaging bottles can be divided into round bottles, square bottles, high bottles, short bottles, special-shaped bottles and so on. The sealing methods of bottle mouth and cap include thread type, lug type, crown type, envelope type, etc

Third, the packaging can (barrel)

the packaging can is a kind of packaging container with roughly the same cross-sectional shape, short neck and slightly smaller inner diameter than the inner neck of the can body or without neck. It is a kind of rigid packaging. The packaging material has high strength and strong deformation resistance of the tank. The packaging operation is the filling operation, and then the can mouth is closed, which can be used as transportation packaging, outer packaging, commercial packaging and inner packaging. There are three main types of packaging cans (cans):

1. Small packaging cans: This is a typical can body, which can be made of metal or non-metallic materials with small capacity. It is generally used for sales packaging and internal packaging. The can body can be assembled and beautified in various ways

2. Medium sized packaging tank: it is also a typical tank with large capacity. It is generally used as the outer packaging of chemical raw materials and local specialties for transportation and packaging

3. Container tank: it is a large tank with cylindrical, spherical and ellipsoidal shapes, both horizontal and vertical. The container tank is usually large with small neck, so the filling operation is adopted. The filling operation and discharge operation are often not carried out at the same tank mouth. Another unloading outlet is set. Container can is a typical transportation package, which is suitable for packaging liquid, powder and granular goods

Fourth, packaging box

packaging box is a packaging technology between rigid and flexible packaging. Packaging materials have certain flexibility, not easy to deform, high compressive strength and higher rigidity than bagged materials. The packaging structure is a cube with regular geometry, which can also be cut into other shapes, such as round box shape and sharp corner shape. Generally, it has small capacity and opening and closing device. Generally, the packing operation adopts code entry or filling, and then the opening and closing device is closed. The overall strength of the packaging box is not large, and the packaging volume is not large. It is not suitable for transportation packaging, but for commercial packaging and inner packaging It is suitable for packing massive and various special-shaped articles

fifth, packing box

packing box is an important type of rigid packaging technology. The packaging material is rigid or semi-rigid, and it is not easy to deform. The packaging structure is the same as the packaging box, but the volume and shape are larger than the packaging box. The two are usually divided by 10 liters. The packaging operation is mainly stacking, and then the opening and closing device is closed or one end is fixed and sealed. The packing box has high overall strength, strong deformation resistance and large packaging volume. It is suitable for transportation packaging and outer packaging. It has a wide range of packaging and is mainly used for solid grocery packaging. The main packing boxes are as follows:

1. Corrugated box: corrugated box is a box container made of corrugated board. There are three types of technical corrugated boxes: folding corrugated box, fixed corrugated box and special-shaped corrugated box. According to the materials constituting the corrugated box, there are corrugated boxes and calcium plastic corrugated boxes

2. Wooden case: wooden case is a kind of packaging container commonly used in the field of circulation, and its consumption is second only to corrugated case. Wooden cases mainly include wooden cases, frame plate cases and frame cases

① wooden box: wooden box is generally used as a small transportation packaging container, which can carry a variety of items with different properties. As a transportation packaging container, wooden box has many advantages, such as resistance to collision, cracking, collapse and puncture, high pressure strength, large load, convenient manufacture and so on. However, the box body of the wooden box is heavy and large, and it has no water resistance

② frame plate box: the frame plate box is a box frame plate made of strip wood and man-made plate, and then assembled by nailing

⑧ frame box: the frame box is composed of strips of wood with a certain section to form the framework of the box, which can also be covered with wood board as needed. There are two forms of this kind of frame box. The one without wood cover is called open frame box, and the one with wood cover is called covered frame box. Due to its solid frame structure, the frame box has good seismic and torsional resistance, large pressure resistance and large loading capacity

3. Plastic box: it is generally used as a small transportation packaging container. Its advantages are that it has light weight, good corrosion resistance, can load a variety of goods, strong integrity, strength and durability meet the requirements of repeated use, and can be made into a variety of colors to classify the loads. It is convenient to handle with hands, without wood thorns and is not easy to hurt hands

4. Container: large volume logistics and shipping equipment made of steel or aluminum. From the perspective of packaging, it also belongs to a large packaging box, which can be classified into the category of transportation packaging. It is also a large reusable packaging

these are the most common logistics packaging. It can be seen that modern packaging technology is very advanced. However, with the progress of science and technology, for example, some logistics enterprises have begun to plan UAV transportation of goods, so the packaging technology must still have a great development prospect. If you need it, you can cooperate with relevant enterprises in the demand Hall of xianji.com.

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