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What does the packaging item mean

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Project packaging is a package plan for the whole process of project exploration, demonstration, packaging, promotion, development and operation. Whether the implementation of the project is successful or not, in addition to other conditions, the first thing is whether the packaged project is attractive enough to introduce capital investment
Project packaging is a constructive and logical thinking process. In this process, the general purpose is to summarize all decisions that may affect the decision-making, guide and control the future, and finally achieve the program objectives
Project packaging is to establish a dynamic agreement between the project participants. The core of this agreement is to reach an agreement between the following variables: the time to complete the project, the workload required to complete the project, the cost required to complete the project, and the characteristics, functions and attributes of the project
it identifies the project objectives, the main risks of the project, and the objectives of the project. Packaging allows some changes to its scheme in the future implementation stage. With the deepening of the packaging process, packaging documents become the dynamic guidance of project implementation

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