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What equipment is needed for wood flooring renovation

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for the long-term operation of basketball venues, it is necessary to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the wooden floor of the basketball court. Professional equipment is needed for daily maintenance of wooden floor in basketball court
1. Detergent: different types of sports floor need their own special type of detergent. Make sure you know which cleaner is best for your floor and stock it in advance so you can keep your floor clean throughout the school year
2. Automatic floor brushing machine: whenever possible, the automatic floor brushing machine should be used together with professional cleaner to clean the sports wood floor. Not only the speed of the automatic floor brushing machine is much faster than that of manual work, but also the cleaning effect and cleanliness are far better than that of workers to ensure that the floor is cleaner and brighter. In a year, it is recommended that you use an automatic floor brush to clean the sports wood floor at least once a week
3. Microfiber mop: the sports wood floor should be cleaned with a microfiber mop soaked in detergent every day. When facing dust debris, the microfiber mop is similar to a magnet, which can effectively capture dust and dirt and completely remove it from the site. This helps prevent the accumulation of any dust, dirt or other debris, keeps the floor clean and helps it last longer
4. Entrance mat: when people enter the gym, their shoes are covered with dust, sand and all kinds of other debris. If they go straight into the door and walk on the sports wood floor without scrubbing their shoes, they will dirty the floor and wear it violently. Shoes glued with sand debris, just like sandpaper, will rub the sports wooden floor hard. This is why it is important to ensure that entry pads are placed at each entrance, and everyone needs to be warned to clean or replace clean shoes when entering the venue
5. Floor protection pad: for most schools, the gymnasium is a multifunctional place. It is not only used for sports events and ball training, but also for school gatherings, graduation, dance, concerts and a series of other activities. When the floor is used for non sporting events, it should be covered to protect its completion. The high-quality floor protection pad can prevent the floor from improper wear and tear.

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