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What industrial parks are there in Jiaozuo?

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What industrial parks can be settled in Jiaozuo and what services do they have?

the latest answer comes ~

although Jiaozuo’s industrial park is not comparable to Zhengzhou, there are many

1, Jiaozuo 5g Industrial Park

2, Tengyun e-commerce Industrial Park

3, Jiaozuo geographic information demonstration Industrial Park

4, Wuzhi intelligent hardware industrial park

5, Wuzhi robot industrial port

6, Shengbo Health Industrial Park

7, Sanjiu Beverage Industrial Park

8, Henan creative printing and packaging Industrial Park

9, Hengxin Machinery Industrial Park

10, Jiaozuo rongmedia culture and Technology Industrial Park

11 Jiaozuo Construction Technology Industrial Park

12, Jiaozuo Innovation Industrial Park

13, Zhongzhou Electric Industrial Park

14, Yujie electric vehicle Industrial Park

focus on the new industrial park just established in August this year

Jiaozuo 5g Industrial Park , also the location of Huawei (Jiaozuo) new infrastructure operation center , is jointly built by Jiaozuo liberated area people’s government, Huawei and Fangdian technology, focusing on the incubation and acceleration of emerging industries such as advanced manufacturing, industrial interconnection and artificial intelligence. The total area of the park is about 30000 square meters. The park is equipped with office desks and chairs, joint work stations, conference rooms, lecture halls, printing areas and other public facilities, which can be settled directly

at the same time, there are also some basic services such as company registration, policy declaration and financial account agency. It can better connect Huawei’s cloud technology resources

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