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What is Tetra Pak?

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answer: Tetra Pak packaging is a series of packaging products for liquid food developed by Tetra Pak in Sweden. The six layer composite paper packaging composed of paper, aluminum and plastic can effectively block the air and light, make the consumption of milk and beverages more convenient and safe, and have a longer shelf life, and achieve higher packaging efficiency. This product occupies a leading position in China’s beverage packaging market


Tetra Pak’s “brick bag” and “pillow bag” are common milk and beverage paper packaging. Their simple shape is not only not ugly, but also saves space. They are also classic works of moderate packaging

at the “simple classics” exhibition at the Museum of modern art in New York in September 2004, Tetra Pak was known as a masterpiece of moderate packaging “full of design inspiration, making life simpler, more convenient and safer”. The small Tetra Pak bag embodies a lot of technology and wisdom. It is simple but not luxurious, which has brought great changes to our life

the high-quality milk in the northern prairie of China can be easily delivered to thousands of households thousands of miles away by relying on Tetra Pak sterile bags

reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak pillow, Tetra Pak bag and other beverage packaging are all products of Tetra Pak company in Sweden, so they are called “Tetra Pak” Tetra Pak Sweden is a world-renowned enterprise and one of the world’s top 500

Mengniu was founded in 1999. At that time, Tetra Pak developed a package, which is such a Tetra Pak bag. The cost of Tetra Pak is 30% lower than that of Tetra Pak brick, but many enterprises are unwilling to adopt it and think it is too low-grade. However, Mengniu adopts it, making Mengniu the product manufacturer of Tetra Pak with the largest sales volume in the world

Tetra Pak is a Swedish packaging company that mainly produces sterile packaging, which is tepeak in English For example, many domestic liquid manufacturers, such as Mengniu and Yili, use Tetra Pak’s packaging line. Tetra Pak accounts for about 70% of the global market. The following is its Chinese website, which can be referred to: /welcome1

the composite paper
beverage packaging developed and produced by Tetra Pak, a world-famous food packaging enterprise, is called Tetra Pak. Generally, the column is called Tetra Pak, the roof bag, and the cuboid is Tetra Pak. The bag is shaped like a pillow, commonly known as Tetra Pak pillow, and the material is composed of printing layer, bonding layer and aluminum platinum.

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