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What is the jelly in KTV for

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naturally, it’s for eating

jelly is a Western dessert, which is semi-solid and made of edible gelatin, water, sugar and fruit juice. Also known as gel, it has crystal appearance, bright color and soft and smooth taste. Yellow peach and honey peach jelly, orange jelly, honey orange jelly, Lemon Jelly, blueberry jelly, fruit juice jelly, grape jelly, pineapple jelly, mango pudding, aloe and litchi coconut jelly, litchi pudding, apple jelly and assorted jelly. Jelly is a delicious food made of water, white granulated sugar, carrageenan, konjac powder and other raw materials through sol, blending, filling, sterilization, cooling and other processes

carrageenan, also known as carrageenan and carrageenan, is a natural polysaccharide colloid extracted from natural Eucheuma and other seaweed. It has the basic characteristics of soluble dietary fiber and is a safe thickener approved to be used in all kinds of foods in China; Konjac is an herb, also known as konjac, which is mainly distributed in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shaanxi and other places in China. Konjac powder is a powder product extracted through deep processing. Konjac powder is mainly composed of glucomannan, which is a safe food ingredient approved for use in China. At present, gelatin is not used in the domestic jelly industry, which can be seen from the ingredient list of jelly packaging products

moreover, the proportion of carrageenan, konjac powder and other rubber powders in jelly is generally about 1%, accounting for about 5% of the total cost

generally, jelly is in it. It is put in it by purchasing ready-made finished products.

it must be used for eating, not for massage. It can’t be used for massage

of course, jelly is used for eating, and the taste of different jellies is different. Now there has been a fruit flavor activity, that is, you have added all kinds of pulp, so the price will be more expensive.

of course, the jelly in KTV is for eating. It’s mainly used to coax little girls to be happy. Why don’t big men eat it?

what is the jelly in your position for? It should also be used for drinking, or the shoes you want to buy.

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